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The time has come for the fourth fall season of the Greenville University Bass Fishing team to begin and coach Anthony Macon and Assistant Coach/Graduate first year, Shane Campbell could not be any more excited.

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Coach Anthony Macon is the head coach and founder of the Greenville Bass Fishing team. He has been working at Greenville University for the past ten years in the Media Resources department. Coach Macon was born and raised here in Greenville but after graduating worked as a heavy machinery operator in Granite City, Illinois. When asked about how he got into the sport of fishing, he said, “Fishing was a way of life in my family. We always fished, not necessarily always bass fished. I got into bass fishing about 25 to 30 years ago with a friend. I’ve been going strong ever since. About six years ago, I got involved with a professional BFL (Bass Fishing League) fishing event and I thought it would be a good idea for the college students to get involved as well, so that’s how we developed the Greenville College Fishing Team.”

Coach Macon’s favorite thing about fishing is, “…you’re not competing against other people, you’re competing against the fish, which you cannot control the fish. The fish has its own mind. So, if they wanna eat, they can eat. If they don’ wanna eat, they won’t eat. So I think that’s one of my favorite things that I like about fishing because it’s an uncontrolled environment so it changes all the time and you have to adapt with their adaptations.”

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Assistant Coach Shane Campbell is a first-year graduate from McKendree University where he fished for four years and competed in six National Championships. When asked how he got into fishing, he said, “We had a local lake about a mile from my house so I used to ride my bike over there, throw my fishing rods on the back, tackle box on the back, ride over there and I and my brother would fish all day. I actually fished my first tournament out of a pontoon boat instead of a bass boat so that was kind of a fun deal, but I mean I grew up fishing Highland Silver Lake because I am from Highland, Illinois. Since then I fished in high school for Highland High School for four years. We won the state championship my sophomore year. Then I got into college fishing and through all that I kind of fished some adult tournaments separate from school, me and one of my good friends. But I went to McKendree partially because of their fishing team. Fished there for four years. When I saw the posting for the Graduate Assistant position for the bass fishing team I thought, ‘what a great opportunity.’ So I applied and now I am here.”

Media by: Klaiton Wolff

Click here for the roster if you would like to see who is on this year’s fishing team. Pictured below is the schedule for the Bass Fishing team:

Sun. 2Vandalia Lake
Sun. 9Lake Glenn Shoals
Sun. 16Governor Bond Lake
Sat. 22McKendree InvitationalVandalia Lake
Sun. 23McKendree InvitationalGlenn Shoals Lake
Thu. 27FLW QualifierLake of the Ozarks
Fri. 28FLW QualifierLake of the Ozarks
Sat. 29FLW QualifierLake of the Ozarks
Tue. 9Cabela’s Collegiate OpenLake Dardanelle
Wed. 10Cabela’s Collegiate OpenLake Dardanelle
Thu. 11Cabela’s Collegiate OpenLake Dardanelle
Fri. 12Cabela’s Collegiate OpenLake Dardanelle
Sat. 13Cabela’s Collegiate OpenLake Dardanelle
Sun. 14Cabela’s Collegiate OpenLake Dardanelle

Be on a look out for future results and player profiles for the Greenville University Bass Fishing team!


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