Make Your Own Fun at GU

Media by Ryan Nelson

Small rural towns like Greenville, IL are full of charm and usually lots of corn. But what are college kids supposed to do for fun? Some Greenville University students, coming from larger cities, might experience a bit of culture shock upon arriving to Greenville. When realizing the lack of obvious entertainment, students may think that there is nothing to do in Greenville and the only way to have fun is to go to a bigger town. This is why GU students have to think outside the box when coming up with things to do on campus.

A great activity to do when the weather is nice is a campus wide game of cops and robbers. People might think that cops and robbers is a kids game. But we are all kids; we just aren’t as transportable as we used to be. To add a fun twist to the game, have everyone get the walkie-talkie app called 2 Way. With the app, you can keep in touch with people as you play the game. Get a group together one night at Scott Field and try it out. As you are playing, ask people you see around campus to join in. It is a great way to get some exercise and an opportunity to meet new people.

Have you ever seen students whacking around tennis balls with golf clubs? If so, then you have probably witnessed a game of urban golf. Urban golf is super easy to play and only requires a golf club and a tennis ball. You can choose which locations around campus where you want to hit the ball and how many holes you want to play. You also get bonus points for hitting fellow students (just kidding). So don’t pick up any tennis balls you see laying around campus, because you might interfere with a current game and will get yelled at.

Media by Ryan Nelson

Once the weather turns cold, charades is a perfect indoor activity. Charades is a game that only requires people and imagination. Charades can be a creative outlet and a way to get to know people better. Head on over to the Upper Union and get a big game going with all your friends. Another great indoor activity is Spicy Uno. Spicy Uno adds a fun twist to the classic game. All you need to play is a regular Uno deck and your best buds. Simply look up the rules online, get some friends together and you will be all set to spice it up. These two games are great ways to de-stress after a long day of classes and can be enjoyed by anyone.

Instead of playing Fortnite as your go-to pastime, try out one or all of these fun activities. Make the most out of your time at GU by leaving your dorm, forming lasting relationships, and trying new things. You will be sure to make memories that will create an unforgettable college experience.

Media by Ryan Nelson.



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