Player Profile: Eric Williams A.K.A. Walking Bucket

SLIAC conference champions media by Darrin Stewart.

Most people have seen an elite athlete before and wondered how someone can be so unstoppable. At Greenville University, the men’s basketball team has gained a new addition to the 2018-2019 team known as a “walking bucket.”

Eric Williams is a small forward that can be a threat from inside the paint or outside on the perimeter. He stands tall at 6′ 4″ and 190 pounds with a lot of explosion and strength. According to teammates, Williams will play a big role this season. He brings a lot of energy and competition on the court. Williams is a junior in school and his goal is to help the team win a national championship.

Williams is from Memphis, Tennessee. While growing up, he played AAU for the Memphis Disciples. Once high school rolled around, Williams attended Ridgeway High and was a starter and star for his high school basketball program. Williams faced several challenges while playing sports but the biggest challenge for him was going into the game of basketball knowing that his father wasn’t in the stands to watch him anymore. Due to the loss of his father, Williams wears jersey number four in his honor.

Williams on picture day. Media by Barry Nixon.

Williams has three people who inspire him to be a better athlete and person. First, his best friend, Dennis Price Jr. has inspired Williams by pushing him to his furthest point in basketball. He never allowed him to cheat himself during workouts. Another inspiration in Williams’ life is his dad because he introduced him to basketball and helped him build a passion for the game. The main person in Williams’ life that inspires him and he knows will always have his back no matter what is his mom. She is his role model because she has done so much for him to allow him to be where he is today.

Williams attended two different junior colleges before attending Greenville University. He states that his junior college days were a rocky road but they have helped him grow to be the man and athlete he is today. In 2014-2015, Williams attended Rend Lake College where he was an energy spark and brought in a lot of scoring and hustle stats. In his 2016-2017 year, he attended Carl Sandburg College, where he played a phenomenal role. His contributions were scoring, creating scoring opportunities for teammates, crashing boards, hustling, ball control, and being aggressive on both sides of the court. In addition, Williams thinks that he was and is a team player and brought a lot of energy to the team, which allowed them to compete and score more. After sitting out last year, Williams is ready to get on the court and play as a Panther.

Eric wearing number 4 in honor of his father. Media by Barry Nixon.

Tthe Greenville Univeristy men’s basketball program has gained a well developed athlete that is able to bring a lot of positivity both on and off the court. Williams is looking forward to a great season this year and is more than willing to working hard to help the Panthers bring home a national championship!

Go Panthers!


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