The Late Show With Joyous Chaos

Media by Justin Cross.

On Monday evening at 9:30 p.m., passersby could hear laughter from LaDue Auditorium caused by none other than the Greenville University Improvisation Team, otherwise known as Joyous Chaos.  Witty, unique, and hysterical are only a few words to describe this band of actors as they kicked off the school year with a show that was nothing less than anarchy.  Anna Finch, sophomore at GU, said of the show, “I love how everything is so spontaneous.  There are no scripts which, in my opinion, makes it more enjoyable.”

If you are unfamiliar with this type of performance, the typical improv show is comprised of several “games” administered by Joyous Chaos’ MC Dalton Janssen.  Anywhere from two to four of the actors participate in a game at a time.  The games are designed so that the actors have some context of what they are supposed to be acting out.  However, most of the performance is completely random.  The audience is often asked for ideas such as items or a scenario that the actors use in their scene.  Spectators will find that the actors contribute with their diverse and creative personalities through musical acts, the use of accents, and lots of charade-like motions.  “Everyone brings something different to the show,” says Kenzie Schwab, sophomore and member of Joyous Chaos. “We have the opportunity to be someone other than ourselves onstage and also express who we are in an odd and funny way.”

Media by Justin Cross.

Odd and funny, indeed. Some highlights of Monday’s show included Emily Gaffner getting advice for her dancing problem, Sophie Yaunches being late to work because a meteor hit her donkey, and Mark Barigye acting as William Shakespeare.  This is only to name a few.  There was also a special appearance from alumni Johnny Hinton, Bryson Davis, and Eddie Allison who were all members of the team last school year.

Media by Justin Cross.

Sounds like fun, right?  If you missed this awesome show, don’t fret – the Joyous Chaos team will have plenty more shows throughout the year, and all of them are streamed via Facebook Live.  The next improv show will be held as part of Greenville’s Homecoming Week festivities October 16th-22nd.  A date for the show has yet to be released.

Photo from Facebook.

Senior captain Austin Simmons shared what he thinks makes a good improv actor. “You really have to be able to make your partners [in the skit] look good, and have a good sense of humor.” Think that you can add to the Chaos? Try out for the 2018-2019 Joyous Chaos Team. The date for auditions will be released following All College Hike on September 12th. Tristin Campbell, another senior captain, gave some advice for those wanting to try out for Joyous Chaos. She said, “Don’t try too hard to be funny; be natural.  Relax and just have fun up on stage.”

If you’re looking to take a break from the stresses of homework, LaDue Auditorium is the place to be when Joyous Chaos is on stage.  Bring your popcorn, all of your friends, and your good ideas to contribute to the show!

Media by Justin Cross. 


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