The Leader: Sean Brooks

As the football season continues to roll on, the grind never stops college football athletes who put in endless hours in the week for their sport. Out of the many athletes that get the opportunity to do this, there is one individual that many have grown to know and love. In this article, the focus is on that one individual: Sean Brooks.

Brooks celebrates with a teammate after a first down play 
Media by Dana Fitch

Brooks is a senior for the Greenville Panthers football team. After being moved around at the beginning of his career in 2016, Brooks is now a two-year starting receiver for the Panthers. Brooks is also a two-time offensive team captain and a member of the Servant Leadership Council team. As a senior for the team, Brooks is a vocal leader that have found ways to make a great influence on his teammates.

Brooks was born on May 10, 1992, and lived in New Orleans, LA until he was 13 when his family moved to Houston, TX due to the destruction that Hurricane Katrina caused. While living in Texas, Brooks played high school ball at Willowridge High School, where he played multiple sports, but football is the main sport he wanted to pursue his dreams in. After high school, Brooks attended Blinn College before transferring to his second JUCO at Minnesota Statem before finally finding his way to Greenville to continue his career in football and studying Criminal Justice. Brooks’ journey is the reason why he is the person that he is today and he shows that on and off the field.

Brooks pre-game warm up
Media By Dana Fitch

Off the field, Brooks is an interesting person when it comes to the different qualities as a person. He also has a hidden talent for playing the piano which he only learned how to play four years ago out of boredom. Brooks also designs clothes where he decided to create his own brand and plans to start selling some of his works in the near future. Brooks is also a great cook – he may not be the next Iron Chef but he does serve up a mean bowl of mac and cheese.

On the field, Brooks is a key factor for the Panthers offense, whether it has to deal with him catching a key pass on third down situations or being the lead blocker for the running backs on the perimeter. Brooks has also made some personal goals that he wishes to achieve this season. One of the goals that Brooks shared was that he “…wants to work my averaging at least one pass each game. I want to be remembered as the person that helped changed the way how people see the Greenville football program.”

Sean poses with some of his friends 
Media by Justin Willis

Brooks is a type of person that if you asked someone on campus, “Who is Sean Brooks?” the answer that will most likely pop up is the that he is a hard-working person who is dedicated to be the best he can be. He is also a person that is very friendly and has a desire to inspire others. Brooks stated, “What motivates me is being a good example for everyone to follow that I come into contact with.”

If Brooks seems like an interesting person that you would like to get to know better, he’s always willing to meet new people and socialize with them. You can also come support him on Saturday afternoons on the football field wearing number 3.


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