Best Underrated Movies on Netflix Right Now

We have all been there before. You’re in the mood for something new to watch. You flip open your computer or click on the TV and go to Netflix. But as you begin searching through Netflix’s massive library of movies you slowly realize that it is a big gamble to potentially give away your time to a film that doesn’t deserve it. You search for what seems like forever to find the perfect new film. But we all know where this is going. You give up and rewatch The Office for the 14th time.

That’s why I’m here. Let’s cut through all the indecision and risk of an unknown movie and get to the good stuff! Here is a starter guide to some of my favorite unsung movies on Netflix now to help combat that feeling of gambling on a new movie.

#1. Kill Bill

Tarantino’s bloody martial arts thriller about revenge is a wild ride. Combining several different styles of cinema into a two-part film packed with violence intense action. These two films care about style a lot and it is easy to get lost in the artful world of action but it is enjoyable for anyone who loves a good exploitation film.

#2 Creep

A found footage horror film that is engaging and a deep dive into a psychological study case of a madman. The atmosphere is creepy and takes advantage of the first person view camera shots. Although it falls into some of the classic tropes of the genre, it still comes out as a fun watch.

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#3 Spectacular Now

A coming of age indie film with more to offer than being a shallow reflection of modern day teenagers. This film follows a teenage guy who is the life of the party and always consumed with living in the moment but different people in his life will offer him different perspectives. Overall most of the emotional weight of the film is found towards the end but it makes it worth a watch. 

#4 Cinema Paradiso

If you are willing to jump into the world of foreign cinema then this is a great jumping on point. It is a love letter to the power of movies as it follows a boy growing up and his interactions with his local movie theatre. Nostalgic and heartwarming, this drama is a powerhouse and complete with one of my favorite ending scenes of all time.

#5 No Country for Old Men

A nihilistic tale about a drug deal gone wrong that will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time. It is articulate, quiet and intense. Great performances paired with a fantastic script make for a great recipe. All complete with an ending scene that will make you want to watch the entire thing again.

Credit: Deryk Rumbold

#6 Gates of Heaven

A quirky documentary that focuses on the people surrounding a pet cemetery. It is warm, sad and sometimes philosophical. The people being interviewed seem sincere in all the things they say and you really dig deep into the humanity of the subjects. Overall, a nice interesting view on a topic that isn’t talked about much.

#7 Third Man

If you are up for some black and white 1950s noir then this is a contender for one of the greatest noirs from that era. A writer goes to Vienna to investigate why his good friend has died and finds a more sinister plot hidden beneath the surface. A riveting piece of cinema with iconic scenes scattered about.

#8 To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

A teenage romantic comedy that is a Netflix original doesn’t sound like an appetizing description but this film has enough stylistic merit to make it a quality watch. No need to analyze this harshly, its just a really good example of a modern day romantic comedy that has a slight artistic lean to it.

#9 Her

An offbeat sci-fi film that focuses on the interaction between technology and man. It asks the question, “What makes us human?” and does so in a captivating way. Far from typical but not too offbeat to turn away the casual movie watcher. 

#10 Battle Royale

A Japanese thriller that feels like a next level Hunger Games. You don’t have to understand the nuances of the social commentary on the Japanese education system to enjoy the action which is well articulated and over the top violence.


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