Faith and Fishin’ Episode 1: Chris Brooks

Fishermen fishing in the sunset. Media by Editing by Klaiton Wolff

With the Greenville University Bass Fishing fall season coming to a close soon with only one event remaining, a new series called Faith and Fishin’ will begin in order to learn more about each of the anglers in a spiritual way. Faith and Fishin’ digs into the spiritual life of some of the anglers to learn more about them and find some common ground between us. Greenville University is a Christian school that is very open to talking about faith and God, so this series is appropriate for our mission. 

Mark 1:17 reads, “And Jesus said to them, ‘Follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men (ESV).'” Jesus called to these random guys that just so happened to be fishing to follow Him and become disciples and catch people instead of fish. What does God do in the lives and fishing of these anglers for the Bass Fishing Team? In this episode, Chris Brooks will share how he incorporates faith into fishing. Without further ado, here from the GU Papyrus youtube page, is Faith and Fishin’ Episode 1:

Faith and Fishin’ Ep. 1 – Chris Brooks. Media by Klaiton Wolff.


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