Fishing Starts on Tough Waters

Chris Brooks and Cale Jausel awaiting the results of their weigh-in. Media by Shane Campbell

The last two weekends have been filled with a lot of fishing for the GU Bass Fishing Team. They competed in the McKendree Invitational and the last FLW qualifying event. They sent two boats to each but did not see the results for which they had hoped. However, they did see improvement from one to the next. Here are the results of the events and an exclusive interview with the angler Cordell Beckmann!

Connor and Chris Brooks with their weigh-in on Saturday, the 22nd. Media by Shane Campbell.

On September 22 and 23, the Bass Fishing Team competed in the eight-team competition, the McKendree Invitational. On Saturday, the 22, the event took place on Vandalia Lake with Chris Brooks and Connor Brooks finishing 9th out of 19 boats with one fish for a total 2.23 pounds at the weigh-in. Cordell Beckmann and Hannah Hill were the other boat fishing on Saturday but they did not weigh any fish. On Sunday, the 23, on Glenn Shoals Lake, the script flipped with Beckmann and Hill placing 11th out of 20 boats with two fish for a total of 5.07 pounds and the Brooks brothers unfortunately not weighing any fish.

Ricky Huge (left) and Cordell Beckmann (right) holding their 12.14 pound weigh in from the Yeti College Fishing event. Media by Shane Campbell.

On September 29, the bass fishing team sent two boats to the Lake of the Ozarks. In those two boats were Ricky Huge and Cordell Beckmann, in one boat, and Cale Jausel and Evan Seggerman in the other. They went over to the Ozarks two days prior for the allotted time allowed for practice days before the event started so they could figure out where the good places to fish were located. The event was called the Yeti College Fishing FLW Qualifier and was the last qualifier for the fall season, which determined who goes to the National Championship. The event consisted of 116 teams from forty schools competing against each other and only the top twelve finishers qualify for the championship. Jausel and Seggerman placed 52nd with a total of three fish at a weigh-in of 7.9 pounds. Beckmann and Huge placed 18th with a total of five fish for a weigh-in of 12.14 pounds, missing the qualifying mark by just over a pound.

Although this is the last qualifying event for the National Championship, this is not the last event for the fall season. Their next event of the season is on October 9 through 14. It is named Cabela’s Collegiate Open on Lake Dardanelle in Arkansas. This event is the last event for the bass fishing team this fall.

I had the opportunity to sit down with sophomore fisherman Cordell Beckmann to talk about the two previous events and get a deeper understanding of the events, for he was the only fisherman to compete in both. During those two events, he got to experience different lakes, three to be exact, different weather conditions, and even different partners. Listen and enjoy this exclusive interview with Cordell Beckmann!

A conversational interview between Klaiton Wolff and Cordell Beckmann.,[object Object]
Cordell Beckmann. Media by Klaiton Wolff.


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