Freshman Payten Morris: Player Profile

Greenville University is home for students all across the world. What makes our campus so unique is all the different types of people we have. One person that makes up this is mix is Payten Morris, a Freshman from Indianapolis, Indiana. Morris is also apart of the successful Women’s Volleyball program here at GU and so far, her experience has been worthwhile. She laughs at the idea that she has no idea how Greenville University found her because she has never heard of this place before. However, she does say, “I am happy GU found me because I feel that I made the right decision for the next four years.”

The GU Women’s Volleyball team enjoying some bonding time.
Media by Tom Ackerman.

Payten’s major is Biological Pre- Med and she wants to be a pediatrician or pediatric anesthesiologist. After college, she plans on attending medical school. Individuals in this type of field have to be engaged in their education, motivated, and be exposed to the practice of medicine. Apart from academics, she enjoys playing sports, cooking, listening to music, photography and overall just being with her friends. 

Morris’s experience here in the town of Greenville has been really cool in which she says, “I love it here because the campus is small, the classes are small and I feel like its easier to stay on track that way.” Payen expresses how the environment is so great and loves how everybody just accepts and loves one another like family. The connections she has been able to build with the rest of the athletic teams plays a huge part into her freshman experience.

Payton with some of her good friends Lauren Spivey (left) and Mia Pollesch (right).
Media by Haley Banks.

She has truly enjoyed playing volleyball at the collegiate level,  and this has all been a dream come true. Her relationship with head coach Tom Ackerman has also played a big factor in her volleyball experience. Morris, while laughing explains, “Coach is really like my Uncle! He dances, sings, and is always asking us about the newest songs.” She goes on to say, ” Coach is like a family member to me, he always makes sure we are good, and on top of our stuff.  While doing so, he is sure to incorporate the fun in all those things.”  

As successful as Payton has been throughout her life, she couldn’t have done it by herself. She would like to personally thank her mom and dad for pushing her to be who she is today. Another big thank you to her three sisters: Morgen, Tristen, and Austen. She says, “they made sure that there was never a dull moment when at home. It was always fun and games, and good laughs.” Morris recognizes her coaches as well for believing in her and testing her limits every single time she stepped onto the volleyball court. Her skills and talents came from hard work, dedication and tons of commitment.

Teammate Abby Freeman, Payten Morris herself and Lauren all in game day uniforms!
Media by Brittany Lopez.

Morris also mentions, “Friends like Abby Freeman, Lauren Spivey, Mia Pollesch, and Ka’Myra Walls, are a huge reason why I have enjoyed Greenville as much as I have. They are always there for me when I need them.” The friendships she has began to create have already left an impact on her life and she is very thankful for that. Teammates and friends of Payten have nothing but good things to say about her and presence here at Greenville University.

Morris is most excited to see where her schooling will land her into the near future. She also can’t wait to see how far volleyball will take her in the next upcoming 3 years. She knows the future is bright for her in both athletics and academics and we wish her the absolute best!


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