GU Football Players Heart Basketball, too

Despite the fact that the NFL and college football are both in full swing, many football players here at Greenville University also enjoy watching basketball. Being a part of the football team can be a little stressful for the players themselves due to practicing a numerous amount of hours, studying film, and many weekly meetings. In this podcast, the focus will be on two special guests sophomore Elijah Morgera and Craig CJ Towns. These two know what’s it like to go through the grind daily as college football players. They will sit down and take a break from the football life for a little bit to talk about their excitement for the upcoming NBA basketball season.

Before you take a listen to this interesting podcast, it’s important that you should get to know a little bit more about Morgera and Towns, including specific details about their background and how they ended up attending Greenville University.

Moregera fighting for the extra yards.
Media by Dana Fitch.

Starting with guest number one, Elijah Morgera. Morgera was born on April 19, 1999. He grew up in Rancho Cordova, CA and eventually attended Cordova High School where he played multiple sports but had the dream of playing college football. After graduating from Cordova High School, Moregera signed to play college football at the NAIA level at Graceland University. Due to an ankle sprain, unfortunately, he was out for the season. Because of this and many other factors, Moregera decided that was best for him to get a fresh start in his journey and made his decision to transfer to Greenville this past spring semester and continue his career and studies in Criminal Justice. Moregera has made an early impact for the Panthers and has a very bright future ahead of him. When it’s all said and done, Moregera wants to be remembered not only as a football player but more. “I want to be remembered as a respectful and caring person who wants everyone to reach their full potential, no matter what their craft/profession is. Also, one who advocates for everyone’s rights,” Moregera declared confidently.

Towns showing relentless effort with his homework. Media By Justin Willis.

Guest number two, CJ Towns, is currently a sophomore and is also on the football team. Towns was born in 1998 on October 9th and raised in St. Louis, MO. Growing up, Towns always wanted to play sports and eventually attended Hazlewood Central High School where played on multiple athletic teams. He eventually earned a chance to continue his dream to play college football and was able to sign to play football at Greenville while studying Sports Management. Upon graduating, he said wants to leave a legacy of making people laugh and as a good person to be around.

If Moregera and Towns sound like someone you would like to get to know better, then feel free to come up and talk to them whenever you get the chance, because there are friendly and fun to be around.

Now that you know these two special guests a little better, click below to hear what they have to say about this upcoming NBA season and opinions on different topics.


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