GU Star and Captain’s Last Ride

The Greenville University women’s basketball team has great seasons, accomplishments, and memories in recent school years. Head coach, Roy Mulholland, wants all his players to thrive and succeed both on and off the court. Senior Wesley Woodard, a 5’10” forward from Tremont, Illinois is a tremendous athlete who portrays what it takes to be a Greenville University Women’s Basketball captain.

Woodard taking a shot.
Media by Abby Modaff.

Greenville University’s star captain is someone Coach Mulholland wants on his team day in and day out. Competitiveness and athleticism are traits she possesses and are part of her prized gifts on the court. Not only does she excel on the basketball court, but she’s also a phenomenal student. She is working to obtain a degree in Spanish Education with a TESL minor. As a junior last year, she played in 30 basketball games, which totaled 673 minutes. Woodard also scored 390 points and accomplished a free throw percentage of 76.1% going 86-114 from the line.

Woodard driving passing a defender.
Media by Abby Modaff.

Woodward made the decision to come to Greenville on her very first visit to campus. Woodard made the trip to spend the night and hang out with the basketball team which inspired her even more. The team, coaches, and faculty members that Woodard met were extremely welcoming, authentic people and it got her really excited to be surrounded by those type of people all the time during her college experience.

What made Woodard want to play basketball at Greenville University was her love of the sport and ambition to keep playing. Woodard is not sure why she made the decision to pursue basketball in college, but now she is looking back over the experiences, proud of her hard work as part of the Greenville University basketball team. Woodard has grown not only as a basketball player but also as a person. She is someone who cherishes the friendships she has gained and also expresses that God had His hand on the process the whole time.

Woodard also expressed that being captain takes up a lot of her time. There are a ton of small details and behind the scenes work that Woodard didn’t even consider until she was in her role as a captain. She explains, “It takes a passion for teammates and the sport you love to gain that kind of achievement on the court and in the classroom.” Woodard believes that working with your team constantly is both mentally and physically beneficial. Also, she believes that it takes coaches, parents, and fans that genuinely care about players to serve them and set them up for success. Woodard explains that as a student-athlete you have to really love the sport and have a passion for the game. She describes that it can be tiring, but you also have to love the game and pour your heart into it. This season, win or lose, Woodard plans to leave it all on the court and have no regrets.

Keep in touch with Greenville University women’s basketball this season as they soar with greatness!

H.J Long gym.
Media by Russell Lamb.


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