Meet the Anglers Part 3: Sophomores and Freshmen

A hungry bass striking a lure. Media by Editing by Klaiton Wolff

If you have been following this series, then you have met the graduate assistant, seniors, and juniors on the GU bass fishing team. It is time to introduce the sophomores and the freshmen.

Cordell Beckmann holding an impressive bass. Media by Cordell Beckmann.

Cordell Beckmann is the first sophomore on the roster. Beckmann is an Agribusiness major from Breese, Illinois, and his favorite type of bait is a frog bait. Cordell’s love of fishing comes from the passion he has had since a little boy. He could not see himself pursuing anything else. He wished to work in the fishing industry or participate in professional fishing. His best memory was his very first tournament that he and his dad fished together. He was in 6th grade and even though the fishing was not the best, the whole tournament system seemed really cool to him. It was cool that it has carved a way of life he pursues every day.

Hannah Hill holding three bass fish. Media by Hannah Hill.

The second sophomore and only female on the roster is Hannah Hill. Hill is a Biology and Chemistry double major from Sandoval, Illinois, and her favorite type of bait is a purple worm. Hill loves fishing because “Nothing beats the adrenaline rush that you get when you feel something on your line. Is it going to be a five pounder? Or a stick? Who knows?” Her greatest memory occurred when she was seven years old. Hill’s grandpa, his best friend, and Hill herself went out on the water and she got her line stuck on a rock. They got as close as they could to her line so her grandpa could save it. As he reached over towards the line, his foot caught the fire extinguisher in the boat and it covered him from head to toe.

Evan Seggerman. Media by

The third sophomore on the roster is Evan Seggerman. Seggerman is a Biology and Chemistry double major from Minonk, Illinois, and his favorite type of bait is a ball head jig. Seggerman loves fishing because it relaxes him and allows him to be outdoors. His greatest memory of fishing was the first time he caught a northern pike. His dad was too scared to touch it so he ran to the back of the boat and about fell into the lake.

Connor Brooks mesmerized by the bass he caught. Media by Connor Brooks.

The first freshman on the roster is Connor Brooks. Brooks is currently undecided on his major and comes from Sparta, Illinois. His favorite type of bait is a chatter bait. Brooks could not find a reason why he loves fishing. All he does know is that he has loved fishing for as long as he can remember. His greatest memory of fishing was the day caught a bass that was a whopping eight pounds.

Nate Overocker holding two over-sized bass. Media by Nate Overocker.

The second freshman on the roster in Nate Overocker. Overocker is Math Education major from Dana, Illinois, and his favorite type of bait is a square bill crankbait. He loves fishing because it is a sport that anyone can do and excel without needing outstanding athletic abilities. Overocker’s greatest memory of fishing was winning his first, solo tournament on Lake Jacksonville

Will Scheiber posing for a senior picture. Media by Will Scheiber.

The last freshman on the roster is Will Schreiber. Schreiber is Pre-Veterinarian major from Sorento, Illinois, and his favorite type of bait is a spinnerbait. He loves fishing because it is very relaxing, yet at the same time, you can get adrenaline rushes. In April, Schreiber went fishing and caught a 6.5-pound bass on a buzz bait. This is his greatest fishing memory.

This article concludes the end of the Meet the Anglers series. The Greenville University Bass Fishing Team is a fairly new program so it is nice to see them bringing in high-achieving student-athletes. Stay tuned for updates and more about the bass fishing team!

Evan Seggerman checking out his boat at All College Hike. Media by Klaiton Wolff.


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