New Vibes by Mal

Jamal Daniels, an alumni of Greenville University (then Greenville College), started his education in 2013 and graduated in 2017. Daniels’ passion for cutting hair has change his path successfully in his experiences as growing to become a barber.

“My college experience was great. I found God here, who I didn’t know much about before coming here. It was life changing to say the least. I really found my calling coming here. I knew what I wanted to do right away and that was cut hair for people.” From the early stages, Jamal found a way to gain knowledge from helpful peers. “Growing up I always was fascinated with the art of cutting hair and picked it up from my older brother Dee, who now doesn’t cut hair. I chose to pick it up and take it to the next level.”

Media by Isiah Price.

Daniels’ hard work has made his dreams turn into reality. For these opportunities, he is truly honored and thankful. “My shop opening up to the town of Greenville has been my biggest accomplishment thus far along in my life. I am truly blessed and honored to be a part of the community and to fulfill a need that I had seen early on.” Daniels’ determination has made him more than just a barber. He is a mentor to others and it shows through the goals he has for himself. “A few goals I have as a barber is to be able to provide a professional service to every client that sits in my barber chair. I want to continue to be passionate and motivate the youth to want to to be great as well.”

Student and member of the men’s basketball team at GU, Anthony Zataray, has had many great experiences getting his haircut by Jamal. “I’ve been getting my hair cut by Jamal since last year, and he always does a great job on my hair.” Daniels’ relationship with his clients has made him more than just a barber, but a fellow friend to his clients.

Media By Isiah Price.

Daniels’ dedication has helped him to accomplish his goal of owning and running his own barber shop. His passion for cutting has changed the youth with his motivation to be great in the world. His professionalism will continue to be great and to help others. His shop contains TVs and comfortable seating where you can enjoy yourself and relax after a stressful day. 

Check out his shop at 216 S 2nd Street in Greenville.

The Vibes by Mal ribbon cutting ceremony was a great experience for Daniels. Many of his family and friends were there to support this monumental moment in his career. “The ribbon cutting ceremony was a big moment for my family and I. I enjoyed seeing my mother and grandmother’s reactions because I do everything for them.”


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