Podcasting: A New World of Opportunity

Media by Ryan Nelson

In today’s world, nearly everyone uses the internet on a daily basis. With this heavy flow of internet traffic, there are so many ways to connect with other people that can be anywhere from across the room to across the globe. While social media has seemed to be the web’s main form of connection among people, there is a new form of internet media is quickly rising in popularity.

Podcasts, which are comparable to the internet’s version of the radio, are audio shows that are uploaded to various apps, such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts, in the form of episodes. On the apps, listeners can subscribe to specific shows, which allows the audience to listen to a show’s newest episode as soon as it is published. Due to its easy accessibility, podcasting programs have the potential to reach very large audiences across the globe.  Large media companies, such as Barstool Sports, even choose to primarily focus on producing podcasts because they are growing so rapidly in popularity.

Even though big corporations are perfecting the podcasting game, smaller groups – and even individuals – can produce their own shows and stand out from the sea of voices within the podcasting realm. Podcasting is not some activity that can only be done in a big city with the influence of wealthy businesspeople. In fact, some extremely noteworthy podcast producers exist on Greenville University’s campus.

Media by Ryan Nelson

Logan Murphy, who is in his junior year at Greenville, is one of these creative influences. During the last school year, Murphy dropped his podcast, Murph’s Pitch. Focusing on sports news and popular culture, Murph’s Pitch features the heated discussions between Murphy and friends. When asked how he created the show, Murphy answered, “When I first got to college, I really got into listening to podcasts, and they eventually inspired me to create my own. During the summer after my freshman year, I taught myself how to do literally everything so that I was able to set up the show at the beginning of my sophomore year.” Due to Murphy’s hard work and determination, he was able to get Murph’s Pitch of the ground, making it a very popular success in its first season. “I love doing the show so much,” Murphy reflected, “and the fact that people listen makes me so happy. I’m very content with how it has done so far, but I’m really looking forward to doing new things, like selling merchandise, over the course of this new season.”

Even though Murphy has had plenty of his own success in his young podcasting career, he wants to help and encourage other Greenville students to give podcasting a try. “I want other students to feel inspired to try this out. It’s such a great opportunity to have fun producing great content while having their voices heard,” Murphy said. With the help of Murphy and other big influences at GU, students will soon get their shot at stepping into the world of podcasting when the campus’s new media lab opens. Currently, Murphy and the rest of the team are constructing this lab underneath the Union, and they plan to have it up and running in the very near future. “Podcasting is a new medium that is growing quickly each day,” Murphy commented, “This new media lab is the perfect opportunity for students to be a part of that future.”

Media by Ryan Nelson.


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