Spooky Season

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October is upon the people, and as everyone around says, “spooky season” is in full throttle. What is spooky season some may ask, well it’s exactly what it says, the time to be “spooky.” Halloween is around the corner so the scary festivities are not a negotiation. It ranges from haunted hayrides, scary movie marathons, paintball zombies, haunted houses all the way to just your normal fall festivities of corn mazes, pumpkin patches, and bonfires. The season is awake from the dead and there is so much for everyone to do within 31 days.

October 1. A lot of girls break out their candy corn socks and ghost printed shirts. The time has begun to get in the spirit of things, so why not start off with dressing everything you own in Halloween gear? Ellie Nelson, a sophomore at GU, said, “I love decorating with spider webs, caution tape, spooky lights, and pumpkins!” The heat is beginning to cool off and the leaves are falling, what better time to ignite a bonfire and roast some hotdogs and s’mores. Bring a guitar and a friend and there’s a guaranteed good time.

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October 10. Everyone starts grabbing their friends and heading to the local pumpkin patch to ride the hayride, pick out the cutest pumpkin, and weasel their way through the never-ending corn maze. While the sun is setting and the air starts to cool down, they can’t help but grab their friend’s arm and listen to the rustling of corn hoping Malachi won’t appear from the corn. Nelson said, “I think bonfires and pumpkin patches are more of a fall activity in general rather than a Halloween activity, but the laughs, memories, and pictures are more than anyone could ever possibly wish for.”

Freddy Krueger
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October 16. It’s half way through the spooky season and it’s time to actually begin the fun. Everyone continues to pop in a classic scary movie like Saw or The Shinning. Drive In’s also have horror movie marathon’s going, no one wants to miss out on a chilly night full of jump scares and car horns blaring. Nelson said, “my favorite scary movie of all time is Freddy Krueger. I think it’s funny because it’s such a old movie and it’s so cheesy.” People often use this month as an excuse to binge watch all the Netflix horror movies and cringe at how poorly written and acted out they are. While some of the movies they applaud directors for making them pee their pants and waking their roommate from screeching hollers.

Picture by: Di’Mond Salmond

October 24. There’s a week left until the official day of Halloween, so everyone begins to book a night to his or her local haunted house. This is typically a favorite for spooky season advocates. Nothing is more thrilling than entering a dark, empty, abandoned pig slaughterhouse, full of decorated blood and eeriness. Wait I was wrong, getting chased down a foggy, strobe light maze by a man with no eyes, holding a chainsaw is much more thrilling. “Nothing really scares me, everything about Halloween is so fun! I am definitely a thrill seeker. Having the ability to talk to the actors and scream in their face like in an actual horror movie is not much more spookier than that,” Nelson said.

October 31. Today’s the day. The day they’ve all been waiting for, and the day the spookiness comes to an end. Everyone dresses up as a clown, doll, killer, or goblin and heads to the nearest costume party after handing out candy to teeth rotting children. Grow adults jump from behind bushes to make little tots cry, and everyone else laughs.

“Halloween is my favorite holiday, so when I have to take down all my decorations and don’t have a reason to participate in fear factor events I am disappointed.” Nelson said. Spooky season is an exciting thing to participate in, it gives everyone something to look forward to and bond with their friends over pee stained jeans and hoarse voices.

Media by Di’Mond Salmond.


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