Student Success: Meet the New GU Tutors!

Here at Greenville University you can receive wonderful (and FREE) assistance from our very own tutors in Student Success! Many students on campus find their way to good grades by studying math, English and various other subjects with tutors. Our new tutors have experience that can change your study habits and also help you with more specific needs.

Caitlin McLoughlin
Media by Russell Lamb.

Caitlin McLoughlin, statistics tutor, is a junior at Greenville University that is double majoring in Psychology and Spanish. “So far, my experience as being a tutor has been good. I just started tutoring this year. However, I enjoy being able to help people in order for them to better understand the material.”

McLoughlin continued, “Usually in order to help students better understand the material, I will review parts of the chapter with them and also go step by step through a problem with them. After that, I would usually ask them to do a problem by themselves to see if they truly understand what they are doing and how they need to do it.” Tutors like McLoughlin have certain aspects to find problems in order to help the situation of the student’s needs. “I tend to go through a problem with them, step by step. Then after we finish that problem together, I ask them to do the next problem by themselves to ensure that they understand what they are doing. If they do not understand it, we will go back into the chapter and read how to do it, work on it together again, and then I will ask them to do it by themselves again or explain what they need to do while they are doing the problem. “

Another great tutor is Brittany Lopez, who is a junior this year at Greenville University. Lopez is majoring in Sports Management and minoring in Business Management. Lopez is a helpful tutor who enjoys experiencing moments when students find the right way to learn from their mistakes. “My experience being a tutor has been such a learning experience, even for me being the tutor. There have been tons of students that have come in and left me with a whole different perspective. I have to admit, it can be difficult at times but what I enjoy the most is helping people to understand what they didn’t when they came in. I love that, “big oh” moment when it finally clicks. I like knowing I have the ability to help other GU students improve on their academics. I love helping people with math problems and breaking down the steps necessary. I love helping people with grammar, and their flow on papers.”

Brittany Lopez in action tutoring. 
Media by Russell Lamb.

Lopez finds the most basic way to help her students succeed, known as the fundamentals. “In order to help students understand the material, we start with the fundamentals. We break it down step by step from the very beginning so there isn’t any missing information. This is crucial because you need to be able to do the basic fundamentals first before moving on to something more difficult. I make sure I understand how they learn so their experience with me can be beneficial. If they are a visual learner, I make sure I use the whiteboard so they can follow along better. It all depends on the type of help you want as well. If you want to scatch everything you learned the day before and find an alternative way to solve a problem, I can help with that process too. My job is to help students feel comfortable in the classroom rather than frustrated and nervous because they don’t know how to do a particular subject.”

Media by Russell Lamb.

When it’s hard time for students, Lopez simply takes the time to break down step by steps for students. “We walk through the entire problem first, I see what they know and then I jump in the moment I see they are stuck. I ask if they remember doing this step and if they took any notes in class. We do this a couple times with different problems and then I allow them to try some without my help. Most of the time, it’s just having to explain and slow down what the professor already taught in class.”

Tutors at Greenville University are really helpful students who can change many habits for students to help pass and to succeed in the classroom. Their goal is to help you succeed by any means necessary! Stop by Student Success on the main floor of the library to see a tutor any time you need help.

Media by Russell Lamb.


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