The Last Mo

A lot of different generations of families have gone through Greenville College, and now Greenville University. Today, we are talking about the Mulholland family. Greenville has been a part of the Mulholland family for about 4 generations now. Caleb Mulholland just so happens to be the youngest brother to come out of Greenville and also a starter to the Greenville Men’s Soccer Team. Caleb Mulholland, or C-Mo’s, position on the team is center-mid.

The center-mid is very important: it creates the transition from offense to defense and opportunities for scores and more. Mulholland is the perfect person for this position. He has been playing soccer for 16 years now, so he is knowledgeable about soccer and his game.

Greenville Panther Soccer. Media by LC Armstrong-Washington.

The team has been doing a great job this year with a record of 12-3-1. Mulholland sees the greatness in his team as well as the season. Mulholland thinks that they have an incredibly talented team that has had good chemistry from the first game even with some many different personalities because of the diversity. The team has a great chance of being at the top of the leaderboard in our conference. This would be one of the best seasons Mulholland has had here at Greenville. Fun fact: there has been a Mulholland on the Greenville Men’s Soccer team for 12 straight years. Mulholland has his older brothers to thank for the leadership and the encouragement that they have had on his career. Of course, all of the brothers were influenced by the rest of the brothers that also played for Greenville. This year, Mulholland graduates and will be able to play in the alumni game with all of his brothers all on the same team. This Mulholland family truly loves the game of soccer and even though 12 years of Greenville Soccer have come and gone, there are still a lot more years to come being outstanding alumni of Greenville University.

Caleb Mulholland shaking hands after the game
Media by LC Armstrong-Washington

Mulholland is currently a senior at Greenville University. Mulholland is originally from Davison, Michigan and studies Biology. There are a lot of guys on the soccer team that are pre-med majors and Mulholland is one of them. When Mulholland is not playing soccer, he enjoys playing other sports. Also, he likes to watch Netflix and because he lives in Tower apartments on campus he has the liberty of cooking, which is also a favorite.

On the field, Mulholland is a team player. One of his main goals is to put forth the maximum effort to the team to help them make it to the NCAA tournament. The team captain Edgar Bueno, is someone that Mulholland looks up to. Mulholland and Bueno have been incredible friends and teammates since their freshman year. Mullholland had great things to say about Beuno. “I am amazed at his personal growth and ability to lead on the field. He is someone the entire team can look up to for direction and models what it means to be a student-athlete,” he states. Everyone has grown and developed physically throughout out this season, but they’re not done yet. What Mulholland is working on right now is the fact that he can be a little quiet on and off the field. Come to check out Mulholland and the rest of the soccer guys on October 27th at Eureka College at 3:00 PM. Come support and show love!


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