What Makes Coffee so Good?

Jo’s Java Coffee
Picture by Ally Hale

Maybe you are already an avid coffee drinker and believe you have found your own answer to this question, but maybe you don’t like coffee and are wondering why people do. Today I am here to clear up confusion and explain why I believe so many people (including myself) enjoy coffee.

Black coffee has less than one calorie! Click the link here to learn more about its awesome nutrition facts.

Coffee has such a wide variety in flavor and can be perfected to your liking through not only flavors but preparation techniques, creamers, and sugar. To start off, I am going to talk about the wonderful selection of coffee ground flavors you can find beyond the ordinary, yet tasty, strong, medium, or light roast. A few flavors that may spark your interest include: hazelnut, caramel apple, butter pecan, creme brulee, cinnamon, double dutch fudge, Irish creme, and French vanilla. A few different preparations of coffee includes a mocha, latte, iced coffee, breve, and an Americano. To find which one would be of most interest to you, click here. Now if the coffee ground flavors don’t satisfy your taste buds, we always have the option of adding cream or sugar (both in which take away the calorie-freeness of black coffee, but you can always pick out healthier options to add). What I love most about creamers is that they always have seasonal flavors. During fall I love pumpkin spice, while during the winter I love toasted marshmallow or peppermint mocha.

Picture by Ally Hale

Coffee has so many health benefits! Click here to read twenty of them.

Coffee is the perfect drink to converse over. Whether at a cafe or not, coffee’s warmth sets the perfect tone for catching up with friends, going on a date, or having a work meeting.

Coffee enables you to collect a wide variety of personalized mugs! I know this one sounds cheesy, but it’s true. You can pick out mugs that express your interests, whether that be a movie or a favorite quote, and you can be reminded of it when you drink your daily, weekly, monthly or yearly cup of coffee.

Coffee is cheap and can be found at numerous grocery stores or online. Most ground coffee ranges from around 15 cents to 35 cents per ounce, depending on the name brand. A few grocery stores to list off include Walmart, Dollar General, IGA, Walgreens, Aldi’s, and CVS.

Picture by Skylur Cullinane

Coffee does not take long to brew. If you are in a hurry in the morning, but want a cup of coffee, a Keurig will come to save the day. It takes approximately one minute to brew your cup of coffee. If you want more than one cup, and you aren’t wanting to wait long, a Bunn coffee pot can brew twelve cups in three minutes. While those aren’t the only options, those are the quickest ones I have yet tried!

Overall, coffee is low in calories, has many flavors and preparation techniques, has a multitude of health benefits, is great for conversations, gives you the opportunity to collect personalized mugs, is cheap and readily available, and doesn’t take long to make. These are the reasons why coffee is so good!

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