Bass Fishing Ends Fall Season At Kentucky Lake

Source: Klaiton Wolff

On November 4, the Bass Fishing Team traveled to Kentucky Lake to take on the Murray State 2018 Fall Invitational. The invitational included eleven different schools for a combined sixteen boats. Greenville only sent one boat to the invitational. In that boat was Cordell Beckmann and Ricky Huge, who just came off of a fourth place finish the weekend before. This time, however, luck was not with them. They finished the tournament at thirteenth place with one fish at 2.55 lbs. Bethel University took the prize at first place with five fish for 18.57 lbs, Bethel would also place two more teams in the top ten at third and eighth place. 

Beckmann and Huge holding their keeper from the tournament. Source: Shane Campbell

“The event did not go as planned. But, much of the reason it didn’t work out like we wanted it to was due to the fact at how much the wind was blowing, making the lake very rough. The main lake consisted of waves anywhere from six to eight feet! We had to totally change our game plan due to this because the spots we wanted to fish, we couldn’t get to. So we fished in pockets close to the marina and had five or six bites but we were only able to capitalize on one of them,” said Beckmann regarding the tournament. “Our biggest problem with the fishing aspect was the inability to hook the fish that were biting our topwater spook and get them in the boat. But we couldn’t switch to anything else because we couldn’t produce a bite off of anything else. The only thing that was going well for us was a topwater bait that produced five to six bites. Other than that, I was very pleased that everyone made it back to the ramp safe and sound.” The weekend, again, was full of unfavorable weather with wind and no sun producing a cold climate for fishing. The waves that were six to eight feet high during this tournament created a tough setting to fish and risky locations to fish.

Beckmann and Huge look on as they receive there total weight. Source: Shane Campbell

When asked what he would have done differently, Beckmann said, “I wish we would have never put the topwater spook down because we didn’t start with it until 10:30 am. It was different from my last tournament solely off of the weather aspect. My last tournament was bird blue skies and calm compared to this one where we got rained on for an hour and were battling 30 mph wind gusts throughout the day. Overall, I still learned how much Kentucky Lake fish like big bait, especially when it is on top of the water. So I will be able to take this information into the two Kentucky Lake tournaments we have this spring.”

With the conclusion of this event, the fall Bass Fishing season is now over. The anglers will not be competing again until spring. The anglers learned a lot from the experiences they received this fall and will be looking forward to using this new knowledge to their advantage in the spring. If you see any anglers around or know any of them, make sure to congratulate them on a good and hard fought fall season. Stay tuned for the finishing touches on Faith and Fishin’!

Fishing Results from the Murray State Invitational. Source: Murray State Bass Anglers


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