Captain Bueno

Edgar Bueno during a game.
Media By Russell Lamb.

The athletic teams at Greenville University are blessed with some great leaders. Of course, every team on campus has had its journey of ups and downs as well as the individual athletes in their career of sports. The GU Men’s Soccer team has not made it back to the NCAA Tournament since 2011. With some help of Captain Edgar Bueno, they were finally able to make it to the NCAA Tournament this past season.  

Bueno is a senior here at Greenville University and the captain of the GU Men’s Soccer team. For the past 2 years, Bueno has been a strong leader for the soccer team. Bueno is originally from Los Angeles, California and has played the game of soccer since he was three years old. His position on the field is center-mid which is the brains of the operation on the field. Some say that this position is comparable to the point guard of a basketball team or quarterback of a football team. Bueno is currently studying biology and is looking forward to graduating this spring. Most of the soccer guys on the team are biology majors. Being on the same team and studying the same subject is truly helpful for the team dynamic. It is typical for GU students to witness a group of soccer guys all in the library studying together.

2018 Senior Class.
Media by LC Armstrong-Washington.

The GU soccer season just came to a close in the NCAA Tournament when they fell to Calvin College ending the season 15-5-2. This season, Bueno has had 2 goals, 7 assists, and 11 points. Bueno is truly proud of his team and the progress they made throughout the season. Everyone’s role on the team was important. The underclassmen and new guys to the program adapted to the team well and wanted to get better every day. Bueno learned that he could be a great leader not just because of his performance on the field, but also because of his actions off the field and by spreading positivity all around him. As the captain, Bueno really made an impact on his team and is that person that inspires everyone. Also, all the seniors came together and led this team to a great season to win a SLIAC Championship and make it to NCAA Tournament. Bueno’s and the men’s soccer team’s accomplishments will not be forgotten.

Edgar Bueno and Caleb Mulholland.
Media by Russell Lamb.

Although many of the guys on the team look up to Bueno, he looks up to a lot of his teammates and senior guys. For example, Caleb Mulholland A.K.A C-mo, Charlie Dalton, and an underclassmen Jared McPeek are a few of the teammates Bueno admires. Bueno wants to leave the team and upcoming leaders with this advice: really get to know yourself, stay level-headed, and be humble. Bueno has truly had a great career here at Greenville University and we wish him luck as he finishes out the year. Check out the audio interview with Edgar Bueno below!


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