Castlevania: A Review

Vampires. That one word seems to be used with a lot of cliches and horror movies. I’m sure that you’re so used to seeing those blood sucking creatures plastered all over the media, but I’m here to tell you that the Netflix series Castlevania does vampires right.

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Castlevania came out in 2017 with its first season that only lasted four episodes, only giving us a taste of what was to come in season two, that was released just this year, as well as making us want even more. The series itself is far from being done, however, as it has been renewed for a third season which will most likely take another year to be released, though I think that we can all wait for it with what’s been provided for us for the time being.

The Animation

The animation style of this anime adaption of the video game series of the same name is amazing. As you watch this series, despite its main theme of darkness, there will be so many things to look at. There are so many things to look at, especially the colors of the series. Sure, there are a lot of reds, oranges, blues, and blacks strewn throughout this series. Of course, there are plenty of lighter colors and moments throughout the series, but it’s primarily darker colors to show off that it is mostly during the night.

The fighting and magic done in this series is also amazing as it’s hard to look away from, apart from the fact that it’s filling your entire screen up with action, but that it is so enchanting to watch, as the movements feel fluid and are very enjoyable to watch.

The Characters 

Trevor Belmont

We meet Trevor at the very end of the first episode, so there isn’t too much to learn about him, at least, not until the second episode. Trevor, when we meet him, is a drunk and is drifting from town to town drinking, eating, and sleeping, not necessarily in that order. He is also the last surviving member of the Belmont family or clan who had been turned away by many people for their dealings in supposed “black magic”.

Credit: Mental Floss


The half human, half vampire son of Lisa and Vlad Tepes.  We meet him at the end of the first season, and he agrees to help Trevor and Sypha to stop his father so that he wouldn’t kill off the human race, and make the world his own.


The main “villain” so to speak. He is more of a tragic villain, than just a villain that’s doing things because of their beliefs that have corrupted them over the years. He is doing all of this because he had given the humans a chance because of his wife, but once they took her away, he had lost everything that he had worked up to, due to his wife wanting him to see how the world was outside of his castle.

Sypha Belnades

Is a high spirited, intelligent woman. She is a Speaker who travels around with her family, telling stories, as well as learning stories to pass down the generations. She is also a magician and uses real magic to help her allies out of tough situations.

Lisa Tepes

The Wife of Vlad Tepes and mother of Alucard. She came to Dracula to learn the sciences to better help people, and she did learn. She was also the one who got Dracula to tolerate humanity and see what the world was like, all before she was burned at the stake for practicing “witchcraft.”

The Story 

The story itself is very interesting, and one that, instead of continuing to show a complete monster that Dracula is supposed to be, it shows a deeper side to his character, as he is furious after his love is burned at the stake. He declares war on the people of Wallachia, for what they’ve done to his wife. As time goes on, Trevor Belmont comes along, the last in a family of monster hunters, who teams up with a magician Sypha, and the half human, half vampiric son of Dracula, Alucard to defeat Dracula.


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