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Though the air may be getting colder and summer has gone away, concert season is still upon us.  The Greenville University Music Business Department invites you to worship with Rend Collective on their headlining tour. Thankfully, this concert won’t empty your wallet or your gas tank; the concert will be held on our very own campus.

Rend Collective is an Irish-native Christian band with songs that Greenville University Music Business student Suzi Connor says has “a folk feel.”  She says, “Their shows and their music have a lot of energy. They use a lot of instruments that you might not normally see being used in a tour performance.”

They have toured all over the world, drawing crowds from their well-known songs, “My Lighthouse” and “Build your Kingdom Here.” The tour is called “The Good News Tour.”  As a part of this tour, Rend Collective is traveling to smaller venues and college campuses in hopes of making their tour more of an outreach. They would like to make an impact by sharing the Gospel.

Rend Collective’s tour bus will be making a stop in small-town Greenville on Sunday, November 11 in the Crum Recreational Center on the Greenville University campus. The music and fun begins at 7 p.m.  Tickets for the show can be purchased at Jo’s Java, Watson’s Drug Store, and online.

Media by Lauren Eagleson and Kenzie Schwab.

Though the date seems like it is quickly approaching, the Music Business Department has had this show in the works for a long time.  Several students in the program have participated in promoting the show and selling tickets. “This has been an ongoing project since the beginning of the school year,” says Music Business student Kenzie Schwab. “My specific role is being the head of social media for promotion. This includes creating posts for various social media platforms and creating graphics. During the show, I will be on-site trying to get people to post and share about the event.”  

Music Business student Natty Hepburn provides several reasons this show would be one of interest to Greenville students and members of the community.  “Students should come to the show because we get the chance to see a band that usually plays in sold-out venues. The price of tickets is greatly reduced from their usual $60-$70 price range. This is a bigger event than most of us have seen at our time at Greenville, and we should take advantage of this awesome opportunity.  Not to mention that there will be chapel credit offered for students.”

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What better way to spend a Sunday evening in Greenville than listening to great music, watching an awesome show, and worshipping with friends.  This is a special event that you will not want to miss.


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