Get To Know Power House Morgan St. James

Source: Abby Modaff

There is an explanation for why GU fans are in favor with Morgan St. James’ style and passion for the game of basketball. Her aggressive technique on the court leads to many successes on and off the court. St. James is a humble athlete who enjoys life and has an extreme passion for her favorite sport; basketball.

St. James controlling the ball and making impressive moves towards the hoop. 
Source: Abby Modaff

Born in St Louis, Missouri on May 10, 1998, St. James was adopted at just two weeks old. She grew up in Jennings/Baden with her mother, father, and older brother. When St. James was just four years old, unfortunately, she experienced a divorce between her parents and has lived with her mother since. Her mom became a major supporter and promoter throughout her education and athletic career, and the relationship continues to be this way today.

Choosing to attend GU was quite an easy decision for St. James. Her visit to Greenville was all it took to convince her. St. James explained, “The atmosphere, the people that I met on my multiple visits, including my teammates, and faculty made my decision less complicated.” After settling into the university, she decided to double major in exercise science and kinesiology.

St. James (far right, white headband) with all her closest friends posing for a picture.
Source: Steven Oscar

The sport of basketball started as something to keep St. James off the streets. She stated, “Growing up in St. Louis isn’t always easy or ideal, but you just have to make the best out of what you’re given.” St. James continued on to play in college because basketball grew into something she loved to do and it became a part of her passion. The game became her stress relief and when things at home or school were not good. Basketball quickly became more than just a sport and has turned into a way of life. 

Morgan St. James of Greenville (Left) putting up a shot against her opponent. 
Source: Abby Modaff

St. James is a six-foot junior that plays forward for the Lady Panthers. Her long and lengthy body makes rebounds, blocks, and even shots uncomplicated and nearly effortless. The mixture of her athleticism and height really gives St. James an advantage to perform well on both the offense and defense sides of the floor.

St. James is excited and thrilled to see what’s in store for the 2018-2019 season. Knowing hard work and dedication is key, she also posses a core value of making friendships with her current teammates and future recruits. She explains how the new class joining Greenville basketball will make major impacts and will be a big contribution to the team. She also says that since there were many seniors who graduated, there will be a lot of room for changes to take place which she is excited about. St. James and the Women’s Basketball team is locked in and prepared for the upcoming season opener against Millikin University on November 16. Tip-off begins at 4:00 P.M. Be on the lookout for all-out effort plays and execution by number 32 this season!



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