The Juice Man: KJ Hubbard

GU Football is always known for bringing some very interesting characters into the program, but out of all players, senior Kaitroy (KJ) Hubbard stands out from the rest of the pack. Hubbard has been one to remember with endless memories and the energy that he brings.

Hubbard looking for an open field to run to an interception versus Wartburg.
Source: Dana Fitch

Hubbard is a senior from O’Fallon, IL where he grew up as an only child. He was raised by Kaitroy Hubbard Sr. and Marilyn Hubbard. Growing up, Hubbard was highly involved in multiple sports, playing baseball, football, wrestling, volleyball, and track and field.  He eventually decided to stick with football and earned an opportunity to play college football at Greenville University. Hubbard’s decision to come to Greenville was a pretty easy one. His reason to come to Greenville was very plain and simple he explained: “The brotherhood and everything that EMAP represents.”

Hubbard and friends 
Source: Justin Willis

In the four years that Hubbard has been here, he’s faced a lot of different obstacles. These challenges have formed the person that he is today. Sophomore year, Hubbard faced a sudden scare of mono which caused him to redshirt for the year, ending the season just after three games. His junior season, he suffered certain challenges within the program that caused him to have to step away due to a conflict in the middle of the season, which caused his season to end after just four games. Now for the first time since his freshman year, Hubbard will finally complete a full season as a Greenville Panther.  When it’s all said and done Hubbard believes that, “If it wasn’t for the love I had for my homies and the love they gave to me, I legit dont think I still would be here.”

Off the field, Hubbard is probably the world’s friendliest person anyone has come to know. Hubbard is a sports management major with a lot of experience under his belt. He is also secretly a rapper, where he is able to freestyle any bar off the top of his head, which shows his creativity. He also works with The Simple Room in his free time where he is the Rec. Supervisor. Here he creates different games and is a mentor to kids grades Pre-K-12. 

When it comes to leaving a legacy, Hubbard wants to be remembered “For making people smile and happy while bringing the ENERGY!” This clearly explains why he earned the nickname “Juice Man.” When Hubbard gets going, he is like the energizer bunny. His energy is hard for some people to match. Hubbard is always coming up with different chants to get the football team going. Even if it’s a bad day, Hubbard is always there to bring the juice.

Throwback picture from freshman year.
Source: Holden Butler

If Hubbard seems like someone that you would like to get to know better, introduce yourself! Feel free to say, “What’s up?” and it could turn into a 20-minute laughing session.



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