The Man, The Myth, The Zack Silvas

As the season is coming to the end for the Greenville Football Panthers, the different personalities on the team never die. In this article, the main focus is on a senior who, not only displays a great attitude and passion for the game, but also carries an interesting personality into the lives of everyone he loves. His name? Zack Silvas. Silvas, who may be a bit on the quiet side at times, has an attitude and passion that has made a huge impact on the football team.

Silvas attacking the football.
Source: Dana Fitch

Silva is a senior from Santa Ana, CA, where he was born and raised with his older sister,Carissa, by his wonderful mother, Sandra. Growing up, Silvas was heavily involved in many different activities such as football, student council, and volleyball. He also had a love for baseball which he played for five years before hanging up his gloves to focus on football. Trying to turn his football dream into reality seemed a bit hard for Silvas due to the reason that his high school, Mater Dei in California, is known for sending out top-notch athletes, such as University of Southern California’s quarterback JT Daniels and Wisconsin’s defensive tackle Olive Sagapolu. While playing for Mater Dei, Silvas was not given much of a shot to play, but he stayed determined to reach his goal of playing college football. In hopes to fulfill this dream, Silvas attended a showcase in California where there were multiple schools looking to recruit. After the showcase, many schools reached out to him but out of the many that stood out, one shined brighter than the rest. That school just had happened to be Greenville University. Fast forward four years later and Silvas is now a key piece to the Panther’s defense. He is the starting defensive end and wears the number 74.

Silvas enjoying some time with his teammates after a win.
Source: Stephen Rulo

Off the field, Silvas is a communication major who is known for writing articles for the GU Papyrus campus section. He also has a special talent for annoying his friends and long-boarding. He  is a huge music lover and is always introducing people to various artists, many that people never heard of.

When Silvas graduates, he said wants to be remembered as “…someone who was able to embrace the process and be known as a hard worker who anyone could count on.” Silvas is known as the person who was always quiet and that looked similar to Colin Kaepernick. However, he was inspired by some of his friends and was encouraged to get out of his comfort zone. Eventually, he took on the challenge and hasn’t looked back since.

If Silvas seems like someone that you would like to get to know better, feel free to bug him and introduce yourself, because when it’s said and done Silvas is the type of person that you will not regret meeting.

“Hey can you take a picture of us?”
Source: Justin Willis



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