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Student member and worker for the admissions at Greenville University Hailey Steffen is a well known provider for newcomers and recruits here at Greenville.

Steffen is a senior here at Greenville University and majors in Music Business. Steffen works for Admissions as a admission embassador and provides feedback to students. Working in the admissions for Steffen is really productive and fun. Here, she enjoys quality time working in the office. “I really like working there, it has taught me a lot about working in the real world. It has taught me working hard and being reliable is how you can move up the ladder. I started out as a night caller and now my bosses are giving me more and more responsibility. The office is a lot of fun to work in, the people are amazing and they have all taught me a lot in one way or another.”

Media by Justin Cross.

Working with the students can be also a fun job for Steffen as she helps with questions for the new students and recruits. “ It can be really fun, you get to talk to them and answer questions. As a current student, I get to tell them about life here, and give them insight into how their day-to-day schedule may look. Some are really not talkative and so it’s hard to tell what they think. Some, mostly parents, have a lot of questions! You can barely tell them what you need to because they want to know everything.”

Media by Hailey Steffen.

Having goals as an admission ambassador can be a way to help the new students and recruits with special needs to understand and get a better feel for the campus. Steffen uses her goals to make sure each of the students can have a right understanding of the University.  “The goal and feedback are different for each group or perspective student. Some want to know about the academics, some want to know about student life and what we do on campus. Each student fills out a form that gives us a little background so we can have somewhere to start with them. I give a lot of athletes tours, so knowing about the sports teams and how they are is important. I also make sure they know to ask any questions as they think of them.”

Media by Justin Cross.

The tour life for the students can be a way for students to see what’s great about Greenville University. Tours are always helpful in a way that Steffen shows for the students. “We do personal tours, almost always student-led. That usually involved taking them around and talking about the buildings and what a class or event might look like there. Just giving an overview basically of why that building is there and what the students are offered because of its presence on campus.”

Having helpful resources such as an admission ambassador for Greenville University is always great for new students to get information and to see the wonderful campus of Greenville University!  


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