Christian Media Through the Lens

Media by Whitney Nichols.
Media by Whitney Nichols.

Written by Whitney Nichols.

When we think of Christ as a whole, we think of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who died on the cross for us all. But, have you ever thought of Christ in a media form? Christ appears in different forms of media, specifically movies and photography. Just like any other subject, Christ shows its true colors, meaning the positives and the negatives are expressed no matter the situation. You find that Christian media is highly criticized due to the overall message that is being given to the audience. I find that individuals like to hear a positive note when it comes to expressing the Christian side in any type of media. But when a positive note is expressed, criticism still occurs. Now, what would happen is a negative note was given throughout describing Christ? The same thing. No matter if it is good or bad, criticism will happen, no matter if it is a type of movie or photograph.

When choosing a specific topic to really focus in on when describing Christ within the genre of any type of media, I chose photography. Why? I feel like I can best relate to photography because I study it so very often and have such a strong passion for it. So why not conquer certain photos that have such a high demeanor in Christ? This should be interesting.

When I think of Christ, I think of it as God is dealing with a much larger picture then what we all think. Picture? Photography? Both mean the same thing… don’t they? They sure do. When discussing photography in Christ, some of the highlights that have really hit me hard are certain photos that truly show not only the strength but the glory of Christ as well.

For starters, a photo that really hits me hard and expresses the true meaning of Christ is an elderly woman named Floris who is simply too weak to attend a worship service at the church. Floris finds a way to still praise the good, good Lord while experiencing one of her toughest times throughout life. You find that Floris receives communion right at home from a local vicar. This photo is perfect in every way imaginable because it shows you just how meaningful the Lord really is to one individual. All in all, this photo is the purest example of an exceptional portrayal of faith in action.

The Lord appears in so many different ways in individuals lives, even at times when you least expect it most. Another photo that really expresses what Christ is all about is a worshipper her prays at the side of an altar in a cathedral. While viewing this photo you find that the good Lord appears in a place where you want to feel all of His presence, His light. He shines His light in a small, but yet a very impactful window that lets you know as an individual that everything will be okay and that He is here for you. This photo simply captures the true meaning of what “spiritual silence” looks like through the work of Christ.

Who doesn’t love joy? Joy is what makes our lives worth living. But what if a certain difference, such as language, plays a negatory role? Can we as individuals look past that? With faith, we can make any disadvantage look beautiful. A photo that truly speaks meaning of Christ is a group of women enjoy a simple little moment of laughter. I learned that each woman who is photographed, do not speak that same language, but find a unique way to unite their faith. It’s easy to say that this unforgettable photo is a joyous portrayal of faith.

So when you think of Christ, do you think of it as a form of media?


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