College Life Hacks

It’s no secret that many college students have a busy schedule and this can be very overwhelming at times.  For many of us college life is our first taste of freedom. Living on our own, taking on new responsibilities, and making substantial changes to our lifestyles is a new reality.  Even the simplest inconvenience gives you the opportunity to change your mood for the worst. To avoid this, check out this list of tips and life hacks. These simple adjustments may make your college experience easier than you ever imagined.  

Incentive Studying

We have all had those days where the guilt of pushing off an assignment too long comes creeping in.  The day could be quickly coming to an end, you have an assignment due tomorrow, and you still do not have it done.  For many students, it can simply just be hard to stay motivated. There are many nights where you’d much rather do anything but work on your assignments.  In these situations, self-discipline is important. Reward yourself for good study habits. Set a time slot to work on your assignment and if you finish your work then, by all means, go do something fun that evening.  However, if you do not finish your work, you need to stay back. This will only make the days that you do reach your goals that much better. The library here at Greenville is a good area to get yourself motivated for your assignments with plenty of resources to guarantee success.  

Another level of incentive studying is to reward yourself for exceeding your expectations.  For example if you get a perfect score on a quiz or exam, celebrate a little. This will only make you want to reach that goal next time as well.

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Color Coordinate Your Classes

Many college students struggle with organization.  This is the first time that many of us have really had to plan everything on our own.  If you struggle with organization this tip can have many positive benefits. By having separate notebooks, binders, and folders all of the same color for every course you’re taking, you are less likely to grab the wrong ones when rushing off to class.  If you use a planner it is also helpful to have a separate pen color for each class. This will make your assignments easier to read, which will make you less likely to forget about one. This really is something you would have to think about while supply shopping before the semester begins.  Stores that sell supplies such as Walmart, Target, and Staples should have everything student would need to color coordinate classes.

Record Lectures While Taking Notes

As college students note taking is very important if you want to succeed in the courses you take.  Every student has their own way of taking notes that works for them. Although, this tip is important for extra study hours on your own.  As long as your professors agree, it can be very helpful to record the lecture while still taking your own notes. Most smart phones and laptops have an audio recording option that you can use.  Recording the lecture can be great for studying for big tests. If you want an overview the week before an exam, it can be helpful to listen to the lectures while going about other activities. It is also great as backup in case you missed anything important while taking your own notes.

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Use a Pinterest Account

This may seem silly at first but Pinterest really could become your best friend in college.  Yes, even for guys. This social media site has hundreds of other great tips and hacks for college student’s lives a little easier.  Pinterest is also a great place to check for easy recipes that you can make in your dorm room. For most of these meals you only need a few simple ingredients and a microwave.  The site is also very easy to access after setting up a profile. You can easily get to Pinterest online and there is also an app that can be downloaded onto phones free of charge.

Hopefully, these simple tips can make your college years a little less stressful.  

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