Finding Joy in the Chaos

Media by Ryan Nelson

These days, the majority of college kids, especially if they go to Greenville University, have to constantly invent new ways to entertain themselves. Even though the usual college lifestyle of attending athletic events and binge watching episodes of The Office on Netflix are always a good time, there comes a point when a different form of entertainment is desired. A lot of people really struggle to discover a new source of fun, but fortunately, at GU, there is no need to fear when this desperation for amusement occurs because there is a comedic gem that shines brightly on the stage in LaDue Auditorium. This little nugget of entertainment may be more formally known as Joyous Chaos.

“My favorite part of Joyous Chaos is definitely the shows”

-Kenzie Schwab

For those that may be unfamiliar with the team, Joyous Chaos consists of a group of students that perform improvisational comedy. This method of comedy, which is more typically referred to as “improv,” requires the performers to provide their lines and actions on the spot as they are put into a variety scenes. In order to fit a multitude of scenes into one show, the performance is divided into games that the actors play, so along with having to spontaneously create their content, the performers also have to follow the rules of the game, which adds even more complexity to the scenes.

Media by Ryan Nelson

While all of these details that need to be kept in mind, most people would think that actors would have a hard time being funny if they have to follow rules and make up the comedy as they go. However, Kenzie Schwab, a sophomore member of the team, views the circumstances of improv as what makes the comedy shows so special. “My favorite part of Joyous Chaos is definitely the shows,” she notes, “Not only do we get to use our skills to entertain, but all of the practicing and the work we do comes alive onstage. Plus, we do not know what games we will play or what the props will be. The unknow is what makes the shows so funny.”

Media by Ryan Nelson

Even though improv definitely tests an actor’s capabilities, the performers of Joyous Chaos have the skill that is required for this comedic speciality. While some people may think that these unique acting capabilities must be a part of some natural gift, experience and passion are actually the keys to the majority of the performers’ success. “I did competitive improv in high school, and when I came to college, I decided to audition for Joyous Chaos so that I could keep performing,” Schwab explains. In addition to reflecting on her improv career, she also notes her passion for performing when she says, “It’s not just about making people laugh, which is important, but I love that I get to be someone else on stage and that I get to act with such an awesome group of people.”

Fortunately, for everyone at GU that likes to laugh, the Joyous Chaos team performs about once a month in LaDue Auditorium. “People need to come to the shows to get away from the homework, relationships, and stress of college. Who wouldn’t want to laugh and let off steam? Plus, every performance is different, so you will never see the same show twice,” Schwab adds. In between studying for your big final and watching that next episode of The Office, check out Joyous’ Chaos final performance of the semester on Monday, December 10th.

Media by Ryan Nelson.


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