Greenville Panther’s Ti’Anna Bruce is a Future Star

Ti’Anna Bruce is a freshman on Greenville’s women’s basketball team. Her hometown is San Tan Valley, Arizona. Before enrolling at Greenville University, Bruce displayed her basketball skills at Poston Butte High School. During her high school career, Bruce managed to achieve MVP of her team in her sophomore year. Along with that, she was the first team all-region her junior and senior year of high school. Lastly, she obtained the top 50 player rankings for Arizona high school girls her senior year. 

Bruce at warm ups ready to rebound the ball. Media by Mrs. Bruce.

Transitioning from high school to college was a big leap for Bruce. Moving so far from home was hard for her because she did not have her family close any longer. Not having them there to help through the rough times and the adjustments of the move was the hardest part. Adjusting to basketball in college was tough for her at first, but after a while, she got comfortable with her teammates and her friends that she made. Now that she has settled in here she says that life at GU is normal now. 

Bruce has been playing basketball ever since she was two years old, so basketball has pretty much always been a part of her life. Basketball runs through her family, with her dad brothers having played the game. It is something that they are able to bond over. Playing basketball in college was a long- term goal for her. This year Bruce is looking forward to playing her game at a college level. She also says she is looking forward to growing with her team and becoming a part of the GU family.

Bruce has intentions of someday being a captain of the GU women’s basketball team. She understands that being the leader of a team is a hard job. Captains are people who are willing to take responsibility for their teammates no matter what happens. Bruce says, “Being a captain takes determination, grit, and overall love for your team regardless of the situation.” Her being able to identify these things shows that she can be an effective leader. 

Bruce smiling for the camera.
Media by Mikayla Howard.  

Bruce plays point guard, a position that requires leadership, and she does a great job leading her teammates on the court. Bruce says “…to be an effective leader you have to show that you can be trusted and you have to be able to adapt to whatever is thrown at you.” She plays her position well, not just as a guard, but as a leader off the court as well. 

Bruce is someone who brings positive energy wherever she goes. Her huge smile lights up the whole team and she keeps it on her face through good and bad times. She understands that staying positive during negative situations is hard but she does her best to maintain that energy she is known for. Her energy helps lift the spirits of everyone around her on the court and in the stands. 


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