GU Women’s Basketball: Upperclassmen Edition

The Greenville Women’s basketball team is a favorite to many around campus and in the small town of Greenville, Illinois. These women are very intelligent and get it done on and off the basketball court. The team has been under head coach Roy Mulholland for years now and each year the Panthers come out and compete at a high level. However, this year, the team wants to not only claim the conference championship title but battle past the first round in the NCAA Division III tournament. 

Modaff still showing love for GU alumni Laura Goodnight! 
Source: Kenzie Schwab

This year’s team is home to 24 women and the roster includes four seniors, seven juniors, seven sophomores, and six freshmen. Senior captains Janzten Michael and Wesley Woodard lead the pack and have both stepped into big roles after last year’s 6 seniors closed the chapter in their books and graduated from Greenville University.

The other two seniors are Allison Haug and Abby Modaff in which Modaff actually has faced a series of injuries over the past couple years which has affected her ability to play basketball. Just recently, she made to the decision to officially retire, as she hung up the jersey. If you have some time, check out her inspiring story: All Good Things Must Come to an End.

Alli is a Digital media major and her emphasis is in graphic design. Some of her bigs plan include getting a dog here in the near future. In terms of her actual career, she is currently on the search to find a job somewhere in the Springfield, Missouri area doing graphic design. Many times the beauty of art can be overlooked and not as appreciated as it should be. Alli’s shows are always amazing to be a part of and I would be doing her wrong if I didn’t provide some of her work for you all to see. 

Now, on to the juniors of the program. Before this year, the class came in with only 6 but just recently added an additional piece to the puzzle. Hannah Krukewitt is a 5′ 8″ transfer from Lincoln Land Community College and thankfully her transition to the Ville has been a good one. She is involved in marketing and sports management and is on the road to getting a masters while being a graduate assistant. Her dream job is to work in athletics at a big conference or even in professional sports. The other 6 juniors come from all over the country including Emily Brandland from all the way from Deming, Washington! Brandland is an Aerospace Engineering major who wants to work for NSNA or Boeing. Rachel Fettig is focused on biology, and pre-nursing and she wants to work pediatrics in the ICU or Oncology. She came to Greenville from Nashville, Tennessee and wants to continue her travel and be able to do medical missions in Africa.

Midnight Madness #3 in the books. 
Source: Kaitroy Hubbard

From Belleville, Illinois we have Morgan St. James, an exercise science kinesiology major who wants to get her graduate assistant physical therapist certification. She eventually wants to work for a private practice and someday start her very own practice. Katie Wolfram comes all the way from Las Vegas, Nevada and came to GU as an exercise science pre-physical therapy major and plans to get her doctoral degree in physical therapy along with a business administration masters. Her goal is to one day own a physical therapy clinic.

I, Brittany Lopez am from Phoenix, Arizona in which I am a Sports Managment major with a business minor. After college, I want to be highly involved in parks and recreation and create different youth leagues and programs that help families who are unable to afford the cost of athletics. Our last piece to the puzzle is Elliana Davis and she is also a biology and business major. She plans to go into a masters program for genetic counseling.

This group has been through a hand full together along with 2 trips to the National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA) tournament and grabbing first place in 2017 and fourth place in 2018. Although you have only heard about the upperclassmen, it’s important to know that our sophomore and freshman class in this program have contributed much more than we could ever ask for. The Greenville women’s basketball wouldn’t be who they are without each person’s dedication and committed to the team. 

It’s bigger than basketball.
Source: Katie Nehf


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