Stars: God Provides People

Media By: Dylan Goodyear

Have you ever felt lost? Have you ever felt like you were wandering aimlessly in the dark stumbling for answers or direction? In our lifetimes, many curve balls have been or will be thrown our way; and that is to be expected. But it definitely doesn’t make life easy when we have to face them. But when we seem lost or uncertain, what can we do? To where or to whom can we go? Answers I am accustomed to hearing are “trust yourself,” “go with your gut,” or “follow your heart.” But those aren’t always helpful and they don’t always make us feel much better about the situation at hand. I have also heard words like “just trust God” or “God is in control, He will direct you where you need to go.” Again, both of these are positive responses, and even truthful. But even then, it can be hard to be comforted by these words.

Now personally, I don’t believe it is wrong to struggle with doubt. Dealing with uncertainty or ambiguity is a common problem that humans face all the time. Even struggling with being comforted by just “trusting in God” isn’t a sin. Thus is the nature of faith. We can be on fire for the Lord and still have doubts. It doesn’t mean that we don’t trust God, it only shows our humanity. It shows that we struggle to find peace in uncertainty – and that is a difficult thing for us as humans to process at times. God provides peace, but that doesn’t mean our lives will be doubt-free or anxiety-free. In fact, sometimes that is a particular stronghold that we need God to help us knock down and overcome. In all of this though, I’ve always thought of it this way:

source: west county community service

I trust in God, but sometimes I need to talk to someone with skin on.

I am sure many of you can relate to this. Sometimes all of the trust and faith we can muster isn’t enough to ease our sorrow, suffering, or anxiety. In these moments we find ourselves stumbling in search for someone with “skin on” to help ease our burdens. A person to be our shoulder to lean on, to be our support and our comfort. This does not mean that God is not enough, but rather, it is a tangible level of support and comfort that we sometimes need. In fact, often times, these people with skin-on are God-ordained for that time and place. I like to think of these people as “stars” or more literally, lights that help us see and are there with us in the darkest of times. We may encounter them for a season or a chapter, or they might stick around for multiple seasons or chapters. But I believe God uses these “stars” to help refill us and restore and rekindle the light and hope that we have in Christ.

Scripture tells us that God has a purpose and future for us; and in that and through that, we have hope.

Media By: Dylan Goodyear

In Psalm 29:11, it says

“The Lord gives strength to His people; the Lord blesses His people with peace.”

This doesn’t mean that we will have the strength alone. It means that when we are in God and trust Him to work in our lives, through them or through someone else, He will provide us with the strength necessary to wade out of the darkness. Sometimes God uses these people with “skin on”, these “stars,” to support us in Christian love. He provides them to walk alongside us and to refresh and refill our spirits. Sometimes it is easy to lose hope and lose faith, but it is important we don’t quit looking around in the dark for these “stars.” God is listening to you. Sometimes He acts differently than we would expect. Just be on the lookout for these glimpses of hope. Holding on to hope helped me find peace, and God can do the same for you too.

Media By: Dylan Goodyear


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