The Fast Times of GU

Media by: Dylan Goodyear

With the holidays right around the corner, that usually means that the first semester is coming to a close for many University/Colleges. That also means that students are cramming for tests and writing papers. So instead of focusing on the hard time’s let’s focus on the good times we had this semester. I decided to ask a couple of students their favorite memories from this past semester and what they are looking forward to next semester.

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I asked Joshua Robinson, a junior and journalism major at GU, what some of his favorite memories were throughout the semester. With all the memories that Robinson had, he said that his favorite one was the football season. “This past football season was great, even though it wasn’t the type of season I wanted it to be.” But his favorite part about this season was traveling to Minnesota and playing in the snow. “I had never played in the snow before and even though it was very cold I thought it was the coolest experience I had this season.”

With the football season not being Robinson’s only favorite memory of the season, he also said that the homecoming was also memorable for him because of the events. “Homecoming week was pretty good too. All the events that were happening were pretty fun especially Midnight Madness. I love basketball, so having a basketball event really made me happy.” With Robinson talking about his favorite memories from the year I also asked him what was his most difficult class he had this semester.” I would have to say that my most difficult class this semester was my public relations class because of how it was a three hour night class that seemed to take forever and the work was a little hard sometimes.”

Even with that class, Robinson never really was slowed down by it and is hoping to end with an A in the class. So with next semester starting next month after we get back from Christmas break, I asked Robinson what he is looking forward to next semester. “I’m looking forward to hopefully being an editor on the Papyrus. I love writing articles and hopefully I’m able to fill out the position of being an editor next semester.”

Media by: Dylan Goodyear

Next, I interviewed Tucker Tompkins, a criminal justice major and a senior at GU, about his favorite memories of the semester. His first favorite memory was his senior football season and how his time as a football player has come to a close. “When I first got to Greenville I thought it was going to be four long years here but now that I’m in the last couple days of my last fall semester I would have never had thought of the time flying by so fast.”

He also is very thankful for all the memories that he as made with all the people that have been with him in the last four years of his journey. The next question I asked him is what is his favorite class from this semester and he said by far that his Spanish class has been his favorite class this year. “I love my Spanish class because of Prof. Reinhard and my roommate Jesse Gifford. Learning Spanish has been really easy for me to learn and I hope I can use it in the future.” And the last question I asked him is what he looking forward to next semester. “I’m looking forward to getting an internship and hopefully start the real world in a couple of months.”

With this semester being long and difficult for some, you have to look at the memories that you’ve made this year to realize how fun it was and not always ponder on the things to come and regret the bad times.

Media By: Dylan Goodyear


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