Angler Profile: Cale Jausel

Cale Jausel and Evan Seggerman Media by Chris Brooks

Junior angler Cale Jausel is a History Education major from Pinckneyville, Illinois. He has been on the fishing team since his freshman year at Greenville.   

Jausel’s team picture.
Media by Greenville University.

Q: When did you start fishing?

A: I have been fishing ever since I can remember. I truly do not remember when I started, my first rod and reel, or my first fish.

Q: When and how did you get into competitive bass fishing?

A: About the 6th grade, I fished my first tournament with my dad at Washington County Lake. My dad was definitely my outlet to competitive bass fishing.

Q:What made you come to Greenville University to fish in college?

A: I was actually a cross country and track recruit and was fishing on the side but I wanted to fully commit to bass fishing my sophomore year.

Q: You have a few major tournaments coming up at Lake Cumberland in Kentucky and Bull Shoals in Arkansas in April. How do you prepare for these tournaments?

A: I generally will look at as many fishing reports as I can find online. I also use Navionics online to look at contours and try to get familiar with the area. I write a lot of things down so that I do not forget things that I thought could produce.

Q: As a college angler, what is the major goal that you are seeking to set and how do you plan to achieve that goal?

A: I want to become the best angler I can be and learn as much as I can while in college. The end goal is to be the best I can be and be able to compete confidently with anyone. Going pro would be an accomplishment that I have dreamed about but just being able to compete in BFL’s and be successful enough to fish there would be awesome.

Jausel and his partner, Cordell Beckmann, at Lake Dardenelle.
Media by Shane Campbell.

Q: Who are your biggest influences in fishing and why?

A: My dad always pushed me when I was coming up in the sport but I grew up around Chad Morgenthaler, who fishes on the Bassmaster Elite series. He was basically my neighbor and he has always been an inspiration. Duke Jenkel has also influenced my fishing career as well. He was my high school fishing coach and I picked up a lot of advanced knowledge about fishing from being around him, as he is a very successful angler proven with his Costa and BFL finishes. He even qualified for the FLW Tour this past season.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do outside of fishing and school?

A: I enjoy hunting a lot and usually spend all of the winters in the woods and fields. I also really enjoy sports because I played a lot of sports in high school, including basketball, baseball, cross country, and track. I come from a big basketball town so I really enjoy watching my hometown Panthers play on Friday and Saturday nights.

Q: Who is your favorite professional angler? And why?

A: I really enjoy watching Brent Ehrler because he is very efficient and well rounded. He adapts well to the conditions of the day and usually catches them. I also have to cheer for my former neighbor Chad Morgenthaler. He is a great guy and would give you the shirt off his back if you asked for it.

Jausel with a good Ozark Bass.
Media by Cale Jausel.

Q: What is your favorite way to fish for Bass?

A: I really don’t have one favorite way but I find myself power fishing a lot, throwing a crankbait or spinnerbait but I also like to flip and pitch.

Q: How do you want your season to go this year, and what do you expect out of your team and yourself this year?

A: I hope we finish the year in SOY points higher than we ever have and I hope we send some guys to some National Championships. Personally, I hope that I can make a few top 15’s and be one of Greenville’s boats in the National Championships.

Media by Chris Brooks.


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