From One Digital Media Major to Another: An Interview with Dale Shelburne

Source: Marissa Gomez

I recently got the chance to interview Digital Media major Dale Shelburne. During the interview, I asked Dale lots of questions about the DM major. We went over topics like: classes you should take, internships, experiences, comparing yourself to others, and many other things. Dale showed us one of his favorite works as well, which was a music video that he created with Jairin Schad, who is a member of the bands Summerview and SideQuest.

From One DMer to Another: An Interview with Dale Shelburne

Marissa Gomez interviews Dale Shelburne, a Digital Media major who has lots of good tips and knowledge about the DM world and the major here at Greenville.

Posted by The GU Papyrus on Tuesday, February 26, 2019

As a freshman DM major, there were a lot of things I was unsure about, or needed help understanding. I learned a lot from what Dale told me during this interview. If you are a DM major who has questions or who just wants to learn more about the major and one of the successful people in it, then this video is for you!


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