Kori Nesbit: The Life of an Editor

Kori Nesbit leading a Papyrus meeting. Source: Joey Clinton.

Greenville University is a place where students can find what they are passionate about and pursue it. Sports, education, and other extracurricular activities help students do exactly that.

Student-athlete Kori Nesbit is a junior elementary education major from Granite City, Illinois. GU has impacted her life in many different ways. She stated, “Greenville University has given me the opportunity to find what I’m passionate about and pursue it. Because of the opportunities I’ve had through the School of Education, I know I am prepared to impact the lives of hundreds of kiddos in my future as a teacher.”

Source: Kori Nesbit

Education gives students opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have, especially here at Greenville. According to Nesbit, “We hear it all the time, but the intentionality of each person (faculty, staff, and students included) is apparent in every interaction.”

Nesbit has a strong desire to accomplish her goals after graduating from Greenville University next spring, which includes getting hired in a district that allows her to use the gifts God has granted her to teach and eventually coach cross country or track.

Many students on the Greenville University campus do more than just go to class day in and day out. Nesbit is one of two editors-in-chief for the Papyrus, runs cross country and track, and works for both Student Success as a tutor and the School of Education. She stated, “I love working with people of all backgrounds to come together to create an incredible site like the Papyrus!”

Nesbit has had ambition in the sport of running since she was a young child. “I have always been fascinated by the sport of long-distance running because of how young I was when I was first introduced to the sport. My dad ran [cross country and track] all through high school and college, and still runs to this day, so it has always been a part of my life.” She continued, “however, I was first interested in running for myself in fifth grade through a program called Girls on the Run. I have been running ever since!”

Kori showing off her love of running. Source: Kori Nesbit

Over the past three years, Nesbit has had many great experiences that have allowed her to form meaningful relationships. “Cross country, track, and Coach Patton originally got me to Greenville, but the experiences I’ve had and relationships I’ve built have kept me here,” she explained.

Having great friends is the best way to remember your college experience. Nesbit expresses her greatest moments at Greenville University thus far as “…just a combination of many memories I have had with my teammates. Not only have they been wonderful training partners and motivation, but my team has grown to be some of my closest friends and I cherish any time I get to spend with them.”

Greenville University is a place where you can grow into the person God created you to be, surrounded by people that love and care for you endlessly. Nesbit’s hard work and dedication to the things she is passionate about will most definitely allow her to reach the goals she has set for herself. She said, “In the next few years, God-willing, I will be teaching, coaching, and still running!”

Media by Joey Clinton.


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