Multi-Spor​t Women Athletes

Media by: Brittany Lopez

Greenville University is home to many student-athletes who strive both on their respected playing fields as well as in the classroom. Being an athlete is time-consuming and requires effort, dedication, and commitment on a daily basis. Being a college student requires seeking assistance when needed, good study habits, and effective time management. When these two are combined, life can be hectic! Juggling morning workouts, classes throughout the day, practice in the afternoon, and work at night is only the beginning of the madness.

What’s more impressive than just a normal student-athlete is a two-sport athlete! Here at GU, we see a handful of students who commit themselves to two different sports although the difficulty to do so is high. It is not uncommon to see athletes participate in track and field before and after their primary sport either begins or ends in order to improve speed, strength, and endurance.

Megan Barrett #12 and teammate Emily Brandland #21 both going hard for the rebound in conference play! Source: Darrin Stewart
Barrett gets it done on the hardwood and diamond.
Media: Darrin G. Stewart

Megan Barrett and Emily Brandland are just two examples of student-athletes who are dedicated to two different athletic programs. Both women participate in Greenville Women’s Basketball along with Greenville Women’s Softball, both of which have a reputation for being successful. Last year, the women’s basketball team went into the SLIAC tournament as the number one seed, with a 15-1 conference record, but was defeated early in the first round by the Westminister Bluejays. The women’s softball team successfully clinched the SLIAC title and traveled to Holland, Michigan to compete in the NCAA Divison III softball tournament.

Barrett is a sophomore from Carterville, Illinois and she came to Greenville because she was given the opportunity to continue playing two of her favorite sports. She states, “Being a two-sport athlete at GU has created some incredible friendships and relationship bonds with a handful of my teammates along with coaches that are irreplaceable and unforgettable.” She goes on to say, “I think learning how to manage my time efficiently was something I had to develop fast because I was seriously always on a time crunch with practice and workouts.”

Barrett is a Criminal Justice major who is currently in the National Guard and plans to continue on this path with hope to go active some day. Although she is technically a sophomore, she is considered a junior by credits and will finish up in the spring of 2020. Barrett will be attending basic training this upcoming summer with hope to start her future here pretty soon.

Brandland with the easy bucket!
Media: Darrin G. Stewart

Brandland is a junior from Deming, Washington who is on the path to begin a future in Aerospace Engineering. This is her last year here at Greenville University because she will be transferring to another university in the fall. This decision is being made because GU does not offer a program in her desired field. The women’s basketball team tends to joke around about Brandland making rockets one day. The team also depends heavily on her when it comes down to numbers, equations, and anything the rest of the team cannot seem to figure out.

On the hardwood, the women’s basketball team has returned to the SLIAC once again competing at such a dominant level. As a result, this group has only been defeated once so far in conference play. The Panthers have some big games coming up in the next two weeks which requires tons of water and rest. Check out Megan and Emily and the rest of the team go head to head for control of the SLIAC!


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