Need Something New to do? Try GU Intramurals!

Basketball Intramurals. Source: Emily Hogue

Are you ever bored in your dorm room? Do you feel like you have free time after classes and homework? Greenville University has an option for you! Intramurals is a student favorite around campus. Intramurals are recreational sports that have been organized by Tyla Anderson and Steven Oscar. The type of activities gets students more involved with the campus and creates a bonding experience with other students.

The activities that are purposely offered in intramurals because it is keeping students out of trouble, maintaining a healthy lifestyle for students, increases social interaction, and boosts metabolism. Exercise is a very good thing to maintain in college because it keeps you balanced and feeling great. Intramurals is just a way of disguising exercise, so really you are burning off those ramen noodle calories at an Intramural basketball game!

Even though some students aren’t very active, this fun and playful activity of sports can release stress from your body. Do you know how they let you play on the playground in elementary school? This is just a college edition of “playing on the playground.” So let intramurals bring the “kid” out of you and have some fun!

I had the opportunity to interview Tyla Anderson about intramurals:

Tyla Anderson. Source: Lofty Photography

“Students can benefit from intramurals because it’s a place where they can release stress from a long day of classes. It’s also a place where students can make friends and bonds”

Intramurals consist of many different activities throughout the fall semester as well, such as wiffle ball, flag football, dodgeball, ultimate frisbee, glow-in-the-dark soccer and many more!”

Anderson also said:

“We offer intramural basketball, indoor soccer, and volleyball for the rest of the 2019 year.”

Many students get super creative with their team names, for example, in the indoor soccer intramurals a couple of the team names were, “Game of Throw-ins, The Nets Friend, and  E-Lemon-ators.” Intramurals is a fun and creative stem for students to use their creative minds to come up with these such names.

Basketball Intramurals. Source: Emily Hogue

Not only are intramurals fun, but it gets super competitive! Many teams may be friends off the court/field but when they get on the court for that intramural game, the game faces come on! Even though the Intramurals take place on campus, it’s still a little escape for students to escape from their everyday lives of going to class, group study sessions, doing homework, it gets them into a more energetic state of mind.

Not only are intramurals for athletes but also open to any students! Some people think it’s just for athletes but anybody and everybody is more then welcome, only if you are willing to compete!

GU students also stated:

“Intramurals is just a fun atmosphere to be in” “I like intramurals because it’s fun and I get to spend time with my friends outside of class!” “It gets super competitive sometimes but I like it.” “It’s a fun way to stay active during college.” “Honestly it’s just a friendly level of competition that I enjoy and I can get my workout in for the day!”

-Greenville University students

I myself, have also been involved with the indoor soccer intramurals in the 2018 spring semester. My team and I were super competitive and we ended up with first place! I definitely recommend every GU student to try and participate in intramurals and make new friends!

Kaylie Weideman and her Intramurals soccer team. Source: Kaylie Weideman

Stay informed to the emails they send out about upcoming activities for you to try out!

Media by Emily Hogue.


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