The Senior Experience

Photo by Joey Clinton.

Going to Greenville University is a way for students to pursue their dreams and the education that will shape their future. Many students at Greenville, seniors specifically, will be graduating shortly!

Kieshaun Young-Jones, a senior at Greenville University. Photo by Isiah Price.

Kieshaun Young-Jones, a senior from Los Angeles, CA is a media communication major who previously attended Los Angeles Trade Tech College. Young-Jones felt heavily impacted during his years at Greenville University. “Greenville has had such a positive impact on me. Greenville was a place that threw me off because everyone was friendly, and where I come from that’s not the case.”

Young-Jones has tremendous plans after his senior year! “After college I’m planning on doing voice overs and things like that. I hope to get into broadcasting.”

Greenville teaches many new skills throughout a student’s career. With the teaching of our wonderful professors and helpfulness of faculty members, Young-Jones has been taught something unique that he will use in his future after college. “The word ’empathy’ has become something that has stuck to me like the skin on my back. I’ve literally been able to see that. Seeking out the action of helping out, being able to see it’s not always about what you can do, but rather what you can do for others.”

Young-Jones has been able to graduate with fellow teammates from Greenville Men’s Basketball. His ability to be able to graduate, while doing it for his family, is an accomplishment for Young-Jones. “My plans for the remainder of school is to make it. By saying ‘make it,’ I’m saying I want to be able to show my family a degree rather than giving up. And I want to be the best father possible to my son Xavier.”

Josias Parker, another member of the next graduating class of seniors. Photo by Isiah Price.

Senior Josias Parker from Los Angeles, CA previously attended Butte Community College. Parker majors in media communication and is excited to be almost graduating! “Greenville has taught me the importance of community. Everyone in town always has their arms open and are willing to help their neighbor.”

Parker was a part of the Greenville Men’s basketball team which had a tremendous winning 2018 season last year. Parker plans on continuing his basketball career while also going to school. “After college I plan on pursuing a professional basketball career overseas and then going to graduate school to obtain a master’s degree.”

Parker has learned different motivational speeches from his peers which continually lead him to motivate and help those around him. His ambition will lead him to continue to inspire others, a quality which will stick with him in his future after Greenville. “My basketball coach at Greenville, George Barber, has taught me to make it big time where you’re at. Which means no matter where you go in life, be the best you can be.”

Parker has a goal to achieve for when he graduates. “I want to graduate my senior year with an a cumulative GPA of 3.5.”

Our seniors at Greenville University will soon graduate and live in the real world. The knowledge that they have been taught will help them greatly in their future. Senior year is closing shortly, but it will be a memorable year for our senior panthers!

Media by Joey Clinton.


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