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Tyler Blume from Spring Arbor, Michigan is a freshman at Greenville University. Blume is an Accounting and Business Management major, working his way to earning his Bachelor’s degree in just 3 years. Blume found out about Greenville through some of his family members that came to the school before him. Coming to Greenville is a family tradition for Blume’s family and hopefully will be for the future generations of his family as well. Going to school and earning his degree in 3 years isn’t all there is to Blume; he is a part of the men’s tennis team as well. Tennis is a sport that Blume has a lot of passion for and he has big expectations for himself. As a kid, Blume started playing tennis and eventually found the passion for it as soon as he started high school because of the competition and joy he experienced. Blume is one of the new faces on the GU men’s tennis team and looks forward to becoming a part of the family in his first season.

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The Greenville Panthers 2018-2019 Men’s Tennis Team is looking to continue their historic run, coming off of a great season in 2017-2018 after having the best record in school history. The Panthers finished their last season 17-4 and added a national championship to their accomplishments as well. In the current season, the Panthers are 4-2 and look to continue their season with humbleness and poise. For Blume coming in as a freshman, he really wants to elevate his game on the court in order to produce wins. As Blume stated, “I want to be that person everyone can count on, so I am willing to do whatever it takes to become great.” He wants to become the best version of himself on and off the court. Blume is a person who enjoys the process of getting to where he wants to be in life, and his determination is something that will help him a lot on his way to glory.

Blume’s faith plays a big role in his everyday life. As Blume stated, “God is a big factor in my life from on and off the court because he really impacts the decisions I make every day. I can choose to do bad or I can choose to glorify Him by doing the right things.” Greenville University being a Christian school is one of the reasons why Blume enrolled in the school. Greenville is also a very small town that allows Blume to stay focused on his education and tennis.

The 2018-2019 GU Men’s Tennis Team. Source:

At Greenville so far, Blume’s best moments have been hanging out with his teammates and improving his game on the tennis court. Creating relationships with your teammates and going through the same adversity together on and off the court is something special about the sport and it lets you know that you are not alone. One of the challenges Blume faces is being away from his family and living on his own. Although going from high school to college is a big transition because of the lifestyle students live, Blume is blessed to be able to continue his learning and athletic career here at GU.

Media by Gavin Jordan.


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