The World of Art: Get Beautified With James Charles

Media by Shelbi Fisher.

Hi sisters! Welcome back to another Papyrus article! Today we will be discussing the current era of makeup and how James Charles in particular influences the world of makeup as we know it.

The legendary James Charles has been a beauty star since the year 2016 when he rose to fame through the CoverGirl magazine. He switched the magazine’s gears up by becoming the “first male CoverGirl” and stunning audiences with his insanely stylish makeup talent. Since then, he has been on the rise through his Youtube channel videos where he does makeup collaborations with fellow makeup gurus, the Sister Squad, makeup tutorials, singing covers (btw: he’s not only a talented makeup artist but also a FANTASTIC singer), his own creative looks, video blogs, and more.

James Charles Recreating His Follower’s Looks.

Charles currently holds 14 million subscribers on his Youtube channel. At the start of every video he opens up with the iconic line “Hi sisters!” to welcome his family of fans. Anyone is invited to join the Sister community and learn different ways to apply makeup to make creative and fun looks from Charles.

In addition to his Youtube, he currently holds 3.15 million followers on Twitter and 14.4 million followers on Instagram. In addition to this, he sells his own merchandise on the “Sisters Apparel” website and loves to meet his fans at local meet-and-greets. He continuously stuns his audience with his original full-face makeup art and recreation of other people’s looks. In every Youtube video, he demonstrates his immense knowledge of makeup tools and the number of steps that go into making the best look possible.

On Twitter, he recently tweeted this about his original and personal makeup palette and brush set:

Once he released the palette, it never failed to completely sell out within a short amount of time. Every time it’s restocked, it quickly sells out again. The Sisters are loving this palette and can’t get enough.

I think Charles will continue to be a makeup inspiration for a very long time. His talent is definitely proven to be great, and he continuously inspires both males and females to get comfortable with trying new looks and being bold about wearing their art in public. Makeup isn’t always just about applying a little bit of eyeshadow, blush, and lipgloss; on the contrary, you can be like Charles and do a Bob Ross look on your entire face.

He influences me to care less what people think about me. If I want to go for a fun-filled makeup look with many different colors in it, I can. If I want to stick with a more basic look for the day, I can. Makeup is a form of expression just like painting and drawing is on a canvas. In addition to makeup, Charles has inspired me to express myself through clothing. He openly wears girl’s outfits and occasionally expresses himself through a “drag queen” look.

I recently got in touch with Allison Benton to get her opinion on her own James Charles Morphe palette. Benton is a Sophomore this year at Greenville University. She recently expressed that she is super excited about her purchase of the James Charles Palette because she had been waiting for an opportunity to get it for a while. Her favorite colors in the palette include the “sparkly purple and the sparkly light blue.” Benton also expressed that the Charles palette is sold for a good amount of money because of the amount of makeup that is included within.

James Charles Palette. Source: Shelbi Fisher.

Each of the colors on the palette have some sort of saying that is associated with Charles. For example, the hot pink is named “LOVE THAT,” the light pink is named “PINKITY DRINKITY,” and one of the brown shades is named “10% OFF.” Any fan of Charles will immediately recognize these sayings as being prominent in his videos and vocabulary.

The only question I have for Morphe is if it is cruelty-free or not. Sources are saying both yes and no, so I couldn’t find anything specific about it online.

Wig = sister snatched. This is a beautiful palette.



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