Farewell to Senior Swade Edwards

Media by: Brittany Lopez

“Everything happens for a reason,” is a famous quote senior Swade Edwards reminds himself of on the daily. Edwards is a 5′ 11″ guard from Oakland California, graduating from West Valley High School. He has been perfecting his craft of basketball since before he can remember. He had the opportunity to play in elementary school, in club sports, high school, and now at the collegiate level. Not many student-athletes are given these types of opportunities and Swade is blessed to know he was.

Swade giving his mother a sweet rose as a token of appreciation.
Source: Darrin Stewart

Edwards had much to say regarding his time at Greenville University including, “It’s a bittersweet feeling. I really appreciate every bond that I made with my all of teammates.” He goes on to say, “I enjoyed competing at such a high level every day, but now it’s time for me to step away from the game of basketball after playing it for 22 years of my life.”

Edwards tells how this is a sad moment for sure but it also has its ups. He admits that the college experience can be challenging and hard to handle at times. Edwards said that the most difficult piece about the college experience is prioritizing. “College is a fun experience and when you are having fun time goes by so fast. I have spent a lot of late nights trying to catch up on work that I put aside because I wanted to hang out with friends or workout to get better on the court.”

He now understands how important prioritizing is and how useful it is in life.

It’s no shocker that the Greenville Men’s basketball program has broken some incredible records this past season. Edwards says, “It’s a blessing. I feel like a professional for getting the recognition that we did. I didn’t think that it would blow up the way that it did, but it’s exciting to be on ESPN and for others to talk about our accomplishments like that.”

Breaking records in any sport or profession are such great accomplishments in which it’s something you can always honor about yourself.

Swade’s last year as a Panther was one to remember and he will definitely miss being a GU Panther and being with his brothers. However, he is excited for the next chapter in his life which he is hoping to find a career in the Human Resources field. His plan consists of just being happy doing whatever God calls him to do and also to trust the process, because it won’t be an easy one. His trust lays in the hands of God to place him in a position that most benefits him and his family. Since Swade is finally hanging up the jersey, he felt called to give a little piece of advice to those in a similar position:

Stick with it no matter how many ups or downs you go through, the sport is supposed to be fun, so don’t let anyone or anything take the fun away from the sport. Also, make sure to take care of your body. Try to get the proper amount of rest each night, ice if you need to, and listen to your body.

#3 showing his love and thankfulness to friends and family on Senior Day.
Source: Darrin Stewart

Media by Brittany Lopez.


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