Is Loki Really Dead? (He’s Not)

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Just last April, Marvel released Avengers: Infinity War, and there was a giant following after the uncommon cliffhanger ending that Marvel decided to give us. One of the biggest shockers in the movie happened within the first ten minutes: Loki’s untimely death. Although this death seemed very real, Loki has actually died on multiple occasions, the first being in Thor (2011) when he decides to let go of the scepter that Thor is holding, and falls into the dark abyss of space after hearing Odin say, “No Loki”. The second time Loki ‘died’ was in Thor: The Dark World (2013). This time, his death is more of a staged one, as he tricks his brother into thinking he died on the planet Svartalfheim.

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Knowing that Loki has been pronounced ‘dead’ a few times already, let us dive into the most recent death. The son of Odin and rightful king of Jotunheim was brutally slain by the Titan, Thanos during the attack on the ship carrying the last known Asgardians. After a brief intro showing the peril that the Asgardians, Loki, and Thor are in, there is a scene where Thanos begins to torture Thor in order to get the Tesseract, which contains an infinity stone, from Loki. Loki cannot bear to watch his brother take any more pain, so he gives it up and Thanos obtains the space stone. Soon after, Loki disappears for a second while the Hulk charges the screen. Loki then comes back later, pledging his ‘undying fidelity’ to Thanos. He then tries to kill Thanos with a dagger, but his plan fails, and he ends up getting strangled to death. Thanos throws Loki’s lifeless body to the ground, and we watch in disbelief as Thor mourns his brother. Many believe that Loki is actually gone, but I believe that the God of Mischief still has a few tricks up his sleeve.

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The first theory as to how Loki might still be alive is that Loki made a clone of himself after he disappeared offscreen and the clone is who Thanos killed. When he disappeared offscreen for a split second, some believe that he made a clone that attempted to kill Thanos. To reinforce this theory, Loki is right-handed, and his clone is said to be left-handed. ‘Loki’ used his left hand to wield the dagger in his attempt to kill Thanos. Why would Loki use his non-dominant hand when trying to kill the most powerful being in the Universe? To put it simply, he would not.

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Another reason why Loki is not dead is that he is not even Asgardian. Loki is a frost giant from Jotunheim. In the first Thor movie, we discover that Loki was taken by Odin from the planet Jotunheim. Odin tricked Loki and everyone else into thinking he was Asgardian by making him look the way he does with magic. When Loki meets and is touched by a frost giant, he does not feel the same effects as everyone else, and his skin begins to turn blue. Even after finding out he is not Asgardian, Loki continues to use magic to appear that way. If Loki was really dead, he would have reverted back to his Jotun form. He is not dead because he looked Asgardian even in death, which would not be possible if he was really gone.

Finally, and probably the most sensible theory, is that Marvel cannot kill Loki because he is making them money. He is a character that has had a growing fanbase ever since his first appearance in Thor and his more recent appearances in Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War. Loki has become the hero to some people, and Marvel even considered making a spin-off show for him because of this. Tom Hiddleston, the actor who plays Loki, even tweeted about Loki and how there is more to come.

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Loki has become a favorite MCU character of many people. Killing him would just be bad for Marvel and the fans. There are simply too many reasons for him to still be alive and too many known facts about him that the Russo Brothers, the directors of Avengers: Infinity War and the upcoming Avengers: Endgame movie, would be ignoring. Whether they choose to keep him within the MCU or not, Loki has been and will continue to be a great character and hero in all of our hearts.

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    • Kept hoping for a spin-off movie, but a spin-off series requires a living character if you expect viewers to invest in the character. Remember “Solo” when you know Han’s dead? If they’re producing a titular Loki series for their new streaming service, then they should keep every connection that character has to fans, by at least you know, keeping him alive?!

  1. I appreciate this article to no end simply because I know I’m not crazy now; he didn’t turn blue, so he can’t possibly be fully dead this time. I look forward to reading some more of your work!

  2. Exactly plus why would he, as far as I can tell a brainiac, go at one of the monster with a little dagger. I get it his signature weapon and all, but he could make a better plan to risk his life on. So I agree a clone.

    • Because he needed to die I but knew he would come back on the form of 2012 Loki hence “ I assure you the sun will shine on us Again

  3. I really hope Taika give us Loki back in the next Thor movie. I’ll actually not be surprised if he does. I expect Taika to pull off som nonsense shit, and the nonsense shit I’m talking about is bringing back Loki, cause lets be real, Taika does what he wants and we enjoy it.

    • Me too!! I totally feel like Taika could pull off bringing Loki back with Love and Thunder. Especially after he’s faked his death many times before this.

      • Faking his death would absolutely destroy Loki’s character development. It would mean that instead of doing something brave and saving his brother’s life, he actually abandoned Thor to die. So let’s all hope he didn’t fake his death. By the way he actually hasn’t ever faked his death previously. He really wanted to die at the end of Thor. He survived by accident. In the dark world he was actually stabbed and passed out but survived ( per Kevin Feige) what is far more likely in his IW death is that he did die, but knew that his 2012 self would be created in the alternate reality and his soul and memory will be able to merge with that version. The meaning of the sun will shine line. At least let’s hope so or six movies of character development is about to get flushed down the toilet if he faked his death.

        • Thanks for the feedback! Just remember that this article was written for FUN a very long time ago before most of this info was released.

  4. This is amazing, in my opinion I believe this. On high levels this has many reasons that Loki can still be alive to this day. It’s surprising that there is still so many ways he could have faked his death that I didn’t even know about! I’d love to hear more if you can think of more after putting so many ideas into this! The Russo Brothers are hiding something from everyone. It could be possible that they don’t want the MCU Fans to know about a surprising twist that Loki could once again return. It is not proved that he is actually dead, but my opinion is that Loki has a lot more power than that because he cannot even die that easily from Thanos! Amazing work.


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