Masterpiece or Mayhem: Summoner’s War

Is Summoner's War actually good? Media by Joseph Smith.

Summoner’s War is a mobile role-playing gotcha-pull game that has seen quite a bit of popularity over the years. With recently reaching over one-hundred million downloads, I figured now would be a good time to do a review over this game. My experience with this game has spanned over a few years of off and on playing along with watching an exponential amount of Youtube videos. Hopefully, this gives you ease at mind knowing that I am not someone who just picked up the game a day ago. My three categories shall be lore, graphics, and gameplay. Let’s get right into the lore section!

Summoner’s War Lore Score

Summoner’s War takes a path of a random hero for their story. You show up and become a natural when it comes to summoning. This makes you the prime on-call worker to take care of problems. As you fight your way through the lands of the realm, you start to find out about an evil summoner faction that is sabotaging things to bring about the end. When you reach the end of the story, you find that you weren’t necessarily able to stop their plans to bring it about. This leads you into the end-game content and seems to be a splendid transition in my eyes. This opens me up to give my opinion on the story. Through my playthrough of this game, I found the story to be very generic that a lot of games choose as their approach. Being a male or female that just appears out of nowhere and saves the world doesn’t settle well. However, I do like the transitions they created in the story. They use checkpoints to bring up important dungeons and raids that you will need to do to reach the top. I like this approach because it gets people interested early and allows them to decide whether they want to take that time early on. This combination brings me to a score of two out of three on the lore side.

Summoner’s War Graphics Score

Com2us is the company that produces Summoner’s War and the approach they take on many of their games keeps me infatuated with each game they develop. They chose a chibi art style that can appeal to all people, young and old. These childish graphics allow for them to not stress the game too much with realistic faces and body-types. That being said, this game isn’t necessarily for you if you want this game to look like it is happening in your life (as in to say don’t expect graphics that look like the characters are real people and beasts). With all of this in consideration, I choose to give graphics a three out of three.

Screenshot of my natural 5 star unit, Kumar. Media by Joseph Smith.

Summoner’s War Gameplay Score

Once you are done with the story, your only options are to keep summoning and keep going at those dungeons to get the runes you need. You can choose to be either a casual player or competitive. The casual player clicks on the enemies they want to defeat themselves and enjoys the game to the fullest. The competitive player builds up teams that allow them to put on auto-mode and keep grinding for the runes so that they can be better than the next guy over. When you are a casual player, you should not be surprised when you hit a speed bump that stops you from going further down the path. The game also comes down to being lucky. They have set up each unit to do a specific job and if you don’t get the units you need then you aren’t moving on. It is because of this that this game is great for competitive players while not so great for casual players. It is because of this that I give the gameplay a rating of two out of four. If they had better ways of getting the proper units, I would rate it higher.

Summoner’s War Conclusion

The way I see it, this game is built to be better for the players that are hooked on ascending past that of their neighbor. The cute graphics and story make it worth trying, but it isn’t for everyone. The final scoring comes out to a seven out of ten on the scale.

Gameplay of my giants basement floor 10 team. Media by Joseph Smith


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