Miranda Coffee: Co-Editor-in-Chief

Photo by Ashley Chaney

College is a way for individuals to find what they love and carve their own path toward a successful career. For Miranda Coffee, being a part of the Papyrus is a chance to grow in an area of education that she loves at Greenville University.

DM students on a cruise during interterm. Source: Miranda Coffee.

Miranda Coffee is a senior from Edwards, Illinois. She has had many great experiences during her journey as a student at Greenville University. “Coming to Greenville was the best move for my life. I found what I want to do here and I think I’ve really learned the importance of striving to be the best possible me.”

Coffee has a lot she wants to accomplish after university.
“After graduation, my goal is to find a good job or internship in my field of study. I’ve really gotten into graphic design this year so probably something related to that.”

Self-reflection is how students get the best out of their college experience. Coffee has an opinion on that. “I think everyone here should take away a sense of understanding where they belong. I think that’s what I really learned here at GU. Not just with other people and where I belong in a friendship, but in the world and what I’m meant to be and do.”

Memories stay with you long after you graduate from Greenville University. Coffee explained, “My most memorable moments here are with my friends. Whether it would be staying up late watching Marvel movies with my friend Gina or going on drives and singing our favorite Jon Bellion songs at the top of our lungs. I’ll always have those moments and memories in my heart once I leave.”

Some of Miranda’s many plants. Source: Miranda Coffee.

Coffee has several great plans in the next few years that she wants to accomplish. “Hopefully, in the next ten years, I can continue working on my screenplays and novels. I would love to successfully publish a book or have a screenplay actually come to life in a show or movie. It’s a huge goal, but I definitely plan on accomplishing it. You can also expect me to have at least 20 cacti and dogs. I love my plants and I really love dogs.”

Being a co-editor for the Papyrus has helped Coffee become passionate about helping others. She has had many great experiences doing just that in her time with the Papyrus. “I’ve been working [with the Papyrus] since my junior year. I started out as a section editor for the campus section, so I also give that section a little more love when editing.” she continued, “My favorite part of working on the Papyrus is seeing all of the amazing work coming from the students here. The articles are always so different and full of character and meaning. I love being able to read articles at the end of the day and see what kind of work everyone is putting in. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Students at Greenville University are capable of changing the world through their craft. They can find ways of doing that through their majors and other criteria. Coffee has amazing capabilities to change the world in her future!

Media by Ashley Chaney.


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