Post Spring Break

Source: Reaghan Lesh

Welcome back from Spring Break! I’m sure everyone had a fun and relaxing break off of school. Hear some GU students sharing what they did over Spring Break!

Source: Reaghan Lesh

The past week has been free of homework, teachers, and classroom lectures, how can you get back into the routine of things? Here are some useful tips, to keep in mind, on how to get out of the spring break feel and back into finishing the rest of the semester!

1. Focus on making the rest of the semester count towards success! It’s tough to come back to a stressful and excessive homework environment BUT there are roughly 9 weeks left of school, so really it’s going to fly by! Most seniors see much sadness in this, while freshmen are rushing the day by. Make the most of this final semester before summer is here!

Bahamas Beach. Source: Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas.

2. Reflect on the time you had relaxing and getting your mind clear. Whether that was spending time on a warm sunny beach or with your hometown friends and family, it’s still a good thing to reflect on while you are getting back into that routine of school. Remember that college comes and goes with a blink of an eye it seems like, so take this time to have fun but also buckle down after this long break.

3. DIG DEEP. This time of the year is always the hardest to not procrastinate so it’s important to dig deep into your studies and understand that this is all a process. Everybody in the world has to go through a stressful process in their life. This process is significant towards our future, let’s give it all we’ve got.

4. Get off your couch! Don’t come back to your dorm or house and become the couch potato you have been all break. Get back into the habit of going to the gym, lifting weights, or doing yoga. Whatever you do, stay fit! Now is the time to get motivated and become a thriving student your professors are teaching you to become!

Positive mindset. Source: Positive Illini.

5. Have positive motivations. Don’t bring any sort of negative outlooks on how much longer you have in school, instead think by doing all of this school work you will be qualified for the degree for graduation. Positive vibes are the key to getting back on track.

6. If you are an unorganized person READ THIS part!!! Some people can be very organized and ready to start the next weeks of school after break, however, the majority of students are not prepared for that. First, set goals!! Goals are so important because you can do short term and long term. Each are very easy to set and attain. Second, get an agenda or calendar to write those goals. The goals can consist of getting an assignment done on time, either way you have it wrote or texted out for you to see. Lastly, writing all of your “to do” things down as you settle back in is a great way to organize yourself even if you aren’t a organized person.

Follow these tips and you’ll be on the right track!

Media by Reaghan Lesh.


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