The Proper Way to Act Around Campus Tours

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College tours are extremely important for college campuses, more importantly for what this article pertains to is, Greenville University campus tours. I had the opportunity to interview Hailey Steffen, one of the tour guides at Greenville University, on how the campus tours are shown to prospective students. Here are some important things to keep in mind whenever you see a campus tour:

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1.Check your emails daily! Admissions will always send out when preview days are coming up so students can be aware of prospective students coming to the university. It’s important to be prepared for these preview days for current students.


2. On the day of the preview day, if you walk past a group of prospective students, don’t use any cuss words. We are all mature enough to speak correctly and respectively.

3. The route tour guides take the students on, according to Steffen:

A: We always take students on the same path around campus, but we first start at Joy House for admissions, Whitlock to check out chapel and music classes, Marston, Ladue, The Library, The Athletic offices, the Gym, then we walk on over to Dietzman, Sydner, and end at the Union. On personal visits we show the girls dorms for the girls and the guys dorms for the guys.

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4. If at all you have lunch around the time the preview day is, try and mingle with the prospective students and their families! It makes the tour day for them less nerve-wracking.

5. Some future students are going to be super uncomfortable at first, so, while they are on campus, us students need to be inviting and welcoming to them. First impressions go a long way, so it’s important they get a couple of good impressions of the university.


6. Tour guides maintain interesting conversations with students, Steffen says:

A: We typically go off what they’re interested in, most importantly knowing their major so we know what part of the campus interests them.

7. Greenville University is our home, let’s make it their home as well! We want a future for GU, and those prospective students are the future.

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8. Almost always the prospective students get a whole campus tour, it’s important they are treated with respect when they are in different buildings.

9. It’s definitely recommended for the students in that same major to interact with that student(s) in the building, so they can get to know that department a little better. According to Steffen,

Each of the students’ tours are based on their own personal education preference, so the buildings that they will tour will be for their major.”

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10. Just be normal, you definitely should try to be a little courageous and say hi, but also high schoolers want to get the full college feel. Don’t put on an act, just go on with your regular day.

11. Remember that Greenville is a christian university, so there are plenty of reasons why some students are coming for a visit. Greenville University has a Student Handbook which requires current students to abide by those rules. Sorry guys and gals, the rules still apply even when it’s a preview day.

12. Steffen adds:

A: Stop and say hi! Make them feel connected with the campus and show how we are that welcoming community for them.

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13. Remember that even though Greenville University wants to recruit students for educational purposes, we also want our sports teams to thrive as well! These future recruits need to bond with the teams on campus to gain insight into the sport and possible future teammates.

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