Tiny Homes on Wheels: The New Way of Living

Media by Abbi Murillo

I always thought that I will love to live in a big house. Coming from a Latin culture you might not understand why, but we love to have our families under the same roof at the same time if possible. A few years ago I found this new trend that was not as popular as it is now. The trend that I’m talking about is “Tiny Houses.” You might ask why someone would choose to live in a tiny house over a big house? Well, if by the end of this article I don’t convince you, then maybe you are meant to live in a big house after all.

Campvan Australia Source: Australia backpacker-guide

For starters living in a tiny house has its charm, one of those is that you can take it traveling. I believe a big house wouldn’t have the ability to just take it from a mountain sighting to beautiful sandy beach in California.  Another good reason to live in a small home is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money building it, I think most of us are fond of saving ourselves some cash. If you choose to live in one of these economic homes, you have in your hands the opportunity to design and build a house for your needs and at your own pace. There are also companies and designers out here willing to do all the dirty work for you at a range of prices, between $19,000 to $50,000 depending on its size and the kind of finishes that you want.

Van life Source: Dana AKA Sprout

There is a range of homes to choose from. From tiny houses made of wood to medium home buses/vans and even building a house out of containers. You have as many options to decide what your dream home would look like. I personally love container homes. Yes, living in a container may not sound as hygienic and homey but let me tell you, there are some good-looking container homes out there. Besides the great advantages and flexibility of these homes, famous instagramers such as “The Modern Tarzan” and “Dana AKA Sprout” — have given a chance to a retro-van and made it their home. This cute-vintage minivan is the evidence that you don’t need a big place to be happy, just the right place.

Dolly Rubiano in her tiny home Source: Living big in a tiny house

Another great example of the tiny home lifestyle is “Tiny Miss Dolly On Wheels.Lucy Feagins wrote an article about her tiny house-truck in New Zealand in 2013, and Dolly Rubiano discovered how she cleverly design her home and how she knew that this was meant for her.

Containers Home Source: Premier Box

Or maybe you like the idea of living a clutter-free life but you have motion sickness, then maybe the container home option is right for you. Container homes are my personal favorite. But before we start, have you ever played “Tetris” before? Well, this is why I love this type of home. Literally, you get to design your homes as if you were playing Tetris, you can pile them up and create the most interesting shapes, making sure your house is unique from every perspective. The cost of these homes varies on the size and amount of containers you use for your design. There is a company in New Zeland that has dedicated years to perfect this new way of building homes. They have come out with a very efficient way to take the design of your dream house, make it a reality, and literally ship the house to you completely assembled. It is very fascinating to me to see the evolution of homes and how people have changed their minds about what we call our home.

Container Home Source: Living Big in a Tiny House (Youtube)

You made it to the end, that means that you found something that you liked. Whether this lifestyle is meant for you or not, it is always good to be open to spice up our lives a little and get outside of the box. Let’s change the traditional concept of home and let’s define it ourselves, are you up to the challenge?

Media by Abbi Murillo.


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