Jeffree Star: Inside the Concealer Robbery and Reveal

Media by Shelbi Fisher

Recently, the iconic makeup artist Jeffree Star experienced a devastating robbery in the warehouse where he stored some of his at-the-time unreleased makeup. The estimated six people who were involved with carrying out the robbery stole millions of dollars in various products in Star’s makeup line but particularly focused on his Magic Star C5 concealer collection. After that, illegal pictures of the stolen concealer shade were uploaded to social media in hopes that they would gain profit through it. Star later exposed the pictures going around on social media and specifically told his followers to not purchase any of those products, as they were stolen and illegal.

A Tweet by Jeffree Star.
Source: Jeffree Star’s Twitter.

The process has been long for the artist to deal with, but he’s been doing it with a good attitude while working alongside his team of people and the FBI. Of course, when you are a fantastic makeup artist who sells your own products, you are going to probably have people that will try to sell these purchased products for double the price in order to gain profit. But for Star, he had to undergo something completely bizarre just because the robbers knew how much he’s worth and how un-informed people would jump on buying any of his products early. Usually, when people think of the makeup industry, Star is one of the first iconic figures to come to mind.

For as big of a situation as this, Star handled it pretty well. He put up a Youtube video in which he explained the details of what happened, and was pretty calm during it. I can tell he knows how to look on the positive side of things in order to get through rough times, and that can probably be incredibly hard for a celebrity.

Jeffree Star’s Message After the Robbery.
Source: Jeffree Star’s Youtube.

More recently, he uploaded his big reveal of the Magic Star makeup line despite the break-in. In the video, he states that he did not want to let the recent event set him back. Just as he would have if he was never stolen from, Star celebrated the launch of Magic Star and gave himself credit for his hard work. The reveal was still big, but the downside is that people already knew a bit about it beforehand.

Jeffree Star’s Launch.
Source: Jeffree Star’s Youtube.

I chatted with Allison Benton, another fan of Star and a student at Greenville University, about the event that happened this month. Her opinion on the matter is this:

“I thought he handled it very professionally as he always does when it comes to his makeup. He was obviously devastated, but he has good lawyers and is still trying to find the culprits. He says in his video when he was explaining it that it was definitely an inside job which is what I believe hurt him the most.”

I suspect that nothing like this will happen again. As Star stated, his warehouse will be much more secure. One person who tweeted a leaked picture sent out an apology to Star. In the midst of this, Star remains the star of his company and one of the main icons of the world of makeup. He will not let his fans down even though some people have let him down.


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