Putting The Phone Down For Once

Source: Gavin Jordan

Cell phones are one of the most advanced technologies people have ever had. A cell phone can be a replacement for many things, such as a watch, camera, computer, flashlight, video games, and many more.

The average person spends approximately up to 8 to 10 hours a day on their phones. Yes, that is crazy!

Almost everywhere you go, you will most likely catch someone on their phones. Using cell phones in public can be a way to avoid interacting with others or losing an opportunity to get to know another. If you have a hard time seeing this in today’s society, I would recommend you go to class and take a look at what everyone is doing. I can almost guarantee you that multiple people are going to be on their phone.

We sometimes do not notice how much we are using our phone unless we really focus on it, and nowadays there is even an increasing fear amongst people to be without their cell phones, defined as nomophobia. This causes us to see how cell phones can become something like an addiction when we so easily lose track of how much time we are truly on them.

GU student Mike Buckhanna using his cell phone during class. Source: Gavin Jordan.

Seeing this issue in today’s society, we all should spend a day using our phone as little as possible to see how much more productive we can be. Instead of spending hours on social media, spend this time to be productive or build new relationships and see which is more self-fulfilling. For many of us, it is far too easy to pick up the phone and start scrolling out of habit, so this may be a challenge.

It is safe to say that the creation of cell phones has changed the world tremendously. For instance, remember when the first iPhone came out back in 2007 and if someone owned one, they were considered wealthy. It is now 2019 and nearly everyone above the age of ten owns some kind of smart phone. Other individuals only use cell phones for making calls or texting and probably own a flip phone, but this number is also ever decreasing.

As college students in the ages between 18-25, we can see how differently we and today’s kids are. In most cases back in the day, we would get in trouble for being outside too much with our friends and nowadays kids are getting in trouble for being in the house too much.

Technology use has really had an impact on today’s generation because most people want to play video games, watch YouTube, and other internet-related things more than ever. That may not be the case in every situation, but with every younger generation comes more of a prevalent push for this constant access to their devices.

Stay off your phone and #DontSpoilTheEndGame. Source:

As technology starts to get more advanced, it starts to make a change in how people live. Although there are positives of cell phones when using them as learning tools or staying connected with each other, they have also led to many negative impacts in today’s society. Some of these negatives include distracting people in classrooms, on the road, or in other social settings. They can be very addictive and ultimately can cause us to become disconnected from the true social world around us.

Challenge yourself to spend time each day disconnected in order to keep the positive value in cell phones today, positive.

Media by Gavin Jordan.


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